The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan

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The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan
Owing to the initiative of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan, starting from March, 22, 2002 the professional workers of the State conservatory of Uzbekistan carry out their activity in the new building. This beautiful construction has been equipped with special modern facilities, and up-to-date equipment and musical instruments. This beautiful constraction`s general area is of 35,180 square meters has 305 educational classrooms, 4 concert halls (the Grand hall, the Small hall, the Organ hall and the Chamber hall), 4 educational sound recording studios, the museum of national instruments, the specialized research center, the publishing house "Music", the record library, 4 sport halls. All of these facilities are open for the teachers, students and pupils’ disposal, and for realization of their fruitful educational and performing work.

The State Conservatory of Uzbekistan is considered to be the oldest musical institution in Central Asia. The history of creation and ingenious growth of the conservatory cannot be put forward without such oustanding representatives of musical culture of Uzbekistan as the composers - Mukhar Ashrafy, Alexey Kozlovsky, George Mushel, Boris Gienko, Hamid Rakhimov, the pianists-Nikolay Jablonovsky, Rudolf Kerer, the performers on string and wind instruments -Michael Rejson,

Vasily Pulatov, the vocalist - Nasim Hashimov, Saodat Kabulova, Kurlmas Muhitdinov, the musical critics - Ishak Rajabov, Ikram Akbarov, the performers on uzbek national instruments Turgun Alimatov, Ahmad Odilov.

Today a professional potential of Conservatory makes 49 professors, over 70 senior lecturers, 69 teachers of the honorary titles. Among them the People’s Artists of Uzbekistan - Zahid Khaknazarov, Farrukh Zakirov, Mansur Tashmatov, Ismail Jalilov, Munojot Yulchieva, Nasiba Abdullaeva, Honored Art Workers of Uzbekistan - Ofelia Yusupova, Feliks Yanov-Yanovsky, Tuhtasin Gafurbekov, Ravshan Yunusov, Honored Artists of Uzbekistan Kuvanch Usmanov, Bahodir Salihov and many others. Their activities acknowledged not only in our republic, but also in the world music arena and spread glory of our republic.

Today more than 1000 students and pupils study at the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and at the Academic lyceum for talented teenagers. Six faculties and 24 departments train specialists-musicians during the following steps of training: Bachelor degree, Master degree, Postgraduate and faculty of improvement of professional skill.

Apart from educational process, the important role is played by the creative work in the Conservatory. The symphonic orchestra of the Conservatory and the Musical theatre chorus, recording studio, the student's symphonic orchestra, orchestras and ensembles of national, wind and pop music instruments, choral collectives, string quartets, etc., perform various concert programs. Professional workers of the Conservatory perform more than 300 concerts a year. Special attention has been given to the actions organized together with the various organizations of culture and art (the Union of composers of Uzbekistan, the Union of writers of Uzbekistan, the Pop music association "Uzbeknavo", the Republican center on Spirituality and Enlightenment, Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan), international funds and centers, foreign embassies.

Now the Conservatory has contacts with 26 embassies accredited in Republic Uzbekistan, International fund named after Konrad Adenaur, Welfare fund named after Vladimir Spivakov, and 10 societies of friendship with foreign countries. Among numerous cultural shares - the grant of the Government of Japan, allocated for maintenance of the Conservatory’s acoustic equipment and musical instruments (at a rate of 48.600000 sum); grants of the Embassies of Switzerland and Russia, International fund «Open society» allocated for publication of unique manuals; grants of Embassies of Germany, France and Russia, provided for organization of the International musical festivals and scientific conferences.
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