The Umbrella Clare Harris

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The Umbrella

Clare Harris

But the events in the orden they happen the story. The first is 1.

  1. A young man calls her Marissa. 6

  2. Carla goes to a cake shop. 9

  3. Carla goes to the market. 3

  4. Carla is happy. The black umbrella with yellow ducks is lucky. 1

  5. Carla meets Marissa and tells her not to worry. 10

  6. Carla says. I’m not Marissa. 8

  7. She buys an umbrella for seven dollars. 7

  8. She buys there caks and talls to the shop assistant. 2

  9. She leavesthe shops but her umbrella isn’t there. 4

Read the sentences and circle true (T) false (F)

  1. Carla buys red umbrella for ten dollars . (false)

  2. It isn’t very busy in the cake shop. (false)

  3. The black and yellow umbrella is new. (true)

  4. Paul is Mariss’s sounsin. (true)

  5. Carla looks like Marissa. (true)

  6. Carla wants to keep the black umbrella with the yellow duck. (false)

Complate the sentences with the words in the box.

Chooses goes holds points sees speaks walks.

  1. She holds the red umbrella above her head.

  2. Carla goes to a cake shop.

  3. Carla chooses theree small cakes.

  4. A young man speaks to her.

  5. She walks away quicky.

  6. He points a tall young woman. The young woman is Marissa!

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