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Assalomu alaykum teacher.

  • Vaalaykum assalom.

  • You know that somedays ago several students came to our university as exchange students and they will study with us during the second seccion. Teacher could you tell me that how long is it since this exchange program was organized.

  • It is not so long since this exchange program was organized. Actually this program existed while we were studying 2011-2015 years. But it was not so practical and it was only internal, for example, exchange students came here from National University and our students went there. It was not on such international scale. In recent years, as international relations have strengthened and the interest for this program is increasing.

  • Well, which Universities in Uzbekistan, Fergana state university can exchange their students with?

  • According to my awareness, we have good relations with National University, which is the main partner of our university. Apart from this, there is Quqon state university, Samarkand state university and also Andijan state university. There is a possibilities for this program but not desire.

  • Which foreign countries, Fergana State university have exchange program with?

  • We have good relations with Istanbul, Anqara as well as eastern Europe countries, Czech and Czecholovak where our teachers went last year. You can go these countries by registreting and doing document work. To get a list of the countries, you should go down to the ground floor where the science department is situated.

  • Which grades’ students can attend in this program?

  • It is not limited. All grades’ students can attend in it.

  • Well, my questions are over. If you have any wishes and advice for students, could you tell them, please.

  • As I mentioned before, student period is golden time. I want students to graduate our university with regret. I mean they wish to study here again and not to leave here. Life passes soon. Study well and respect teachers.

  • I wish you success in you career and happiness in your personal life. Thanks you teacher for your sincere talk.

    As our Fergana State University students, especially, students studying in foreign languages faculty are really interested in the exchange program, We have interviewed Muhammadamin Ganiyev who is the dean’s deputy working with the youth
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