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By The Council of  

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation  

25 December 2014  







The Olympic Scholarships Program supports the activities in the sphere of education and 

encourages the initiatives in raising public awareness in specialists training programs in the 

sphere of sport management in Russia, values and traditions of the Olympic Movement. The 

Foundation is taking steps to bring public attention to the research and educational 

methodologies in the field of sports administration and to promote in Russia and in the world the 

education provided by Russian educational institutions. 

Program Goals  


To contribute to the training of highly qualified specialists in Sport Management  


To help forward the development of modern education in the sphere of management 

of sport organizations, sport events, and sport facilities.  

Program Objectives  


To offer new opportunities of professional development for talented managers, 

including the opportunity to enroll for the Master of Sport Administration Program  


To raise public awareness in the research and methodological development in the area 

of sport management  


To promote within Russia and globally the educational programs offered by Russian 

educational institutions in the area of sport management based on the values of the 

Olympic Movement. 

Program Target Audience 

Individuals, who have received the confirmation of successful passing of competitive selection 

process from ANO “Russian International Olympic University” (further – RIOU) for the Master 

of Sports Administration Program. 





Program Components 

The Program Competition 

Program Activities 


Competition for financial support; 


Election of winners and scholarships / donations appointment


Monitoring of the participants’ study process at RIOU; 


Information support to the Program at all stages of its implementation. 

Financial Program Support 

The total Program budget is allocated to provide donations and scholarships to not less than 

twenty program participants in one academic year at the amount of not more than twenty million 

rubles total. 

Additional Information 

All Program activities comply with regulations reflected in Terms & Conditions of the 

Competition, The Expert Committee Regulations, and Statement on the Financial Support. 

For the merit-based review of the applications and decision making on the winners’ election, the 

Director General of the Foundation appoints the Expert Committee of the Olympic Scholarships 


The Foundation publishes the dates of the Competition for the current academic year on its 



Russian and English are working languages of the Program. 

The selection process is based on the principle of equal opportunities and prohibits any 

discrimination on the bases of race, ethnicity, religion, gender or age. 

The amounts, rules of awarding and effecting payments for educational services, as well as the 

scholarships are defined by the Statement on the Financial Support 

Contact Information 

The  Foundation  personnel  provide  consultations  for  Program  participants  on  the  telephone  

number:  +7  495  726  5764  and  in  electronic  form  by  e-mail:




Mail address for postal services: The Vladimir Potanin Foundation, 9 Bolshaya Yakimanka  

Street, Moscow 119180 RUSSIA. 


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