Theme: Film stars. Aim of lesson

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Theme: Film stars.

Aim of lesson: to give information to pupils about Uzbekistan and world’s film stars.

  1. Educational: according to the lesson’s educational purpose improve pupils’ knowledge, experience. Teach pupils new grammar rules, new words, improve their listening, reading, oral speech and writing skills. to teach film stars from Uzbekistan and from foreign countries, to give longer descriptions of appearance using prepositional phrases

  2. socio-cultural: according to the lesson’s educational purpose improve pupils’ personal qualities like behavior, education etc. to improve pupils’ ideal political knowledge, to form their developing skills and abilities, to teach pupils good characters by film’s goodies and baddies.

  3. developing: according to the lesson’s educational purpose improve pupils’ personal skills, English learning, motivational skills, develop pupils’ self educational skills, analyzing and systematizing skills of knowledge, develop to report own ideas, communicative skills.

Learning outcomes: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to say about film stars in English.

Type of the lesson: new theme, lessons of communication of new knowledge ; lessons of fixation of knowledge and of developing skills and abilities ;lessons of verification and control of knowledge; lessons of systematization and revision of knowledge: combined (mixed) lesson, practical lesson.

Method of the lesson: traditional, non traditional, learner-centered, group work,modern, interactive.

Required equipment: textbook “Fly High 8 ” pictures, map of the world, cards, Computer, internet, newspaper “Andijonnoma”.

Procedure of the lesson:

1. organizational moment.


b) Working with pupils on duty

c) warming up, to say news of Uzbekistan or world.

d) to check attendance

To check homework and revision of last theme: Revision of the words. Pupils remember the words from the past lesson. Checking homework . Marking pupils for their homework..


Teacher had greeting with pupils, said to readiness and to prepare homework.. Ask attendance of pupils form duty pupil. Ask today’s date and day. write on the blackboard date and day. Teacher said nowadays generally weather all of the world , about ecology, which keep it, news about Uzbekistan’s president’s report about constitution day.

2. Revise the previous theme:

Then teacher ask to pupils their homework. Homework was to complete text about their like film and it’s goodies and baddies. Pupils read their homework turn by turn. Teacher marked their homework to their’s own notebook.Teacher gives pink card to pupils for the best homework, green card for the good homework. Teacher says they begin chapter “Cinema”, they learned about films, goodies, baddies, types of films and she gave some question by last themes.

1.Who are they goodies?

Pupil A : Goodies describes good people.

2.Who are they baddies?

Pupil B: Baddies’ role about bad men.

3. Which types films do you know?

Pupil C: There are historical, love story, detective, comedy, horror, adventures and others.

3. New theme:

Teacher says new theme and write it on the blackboard. New theme is “Film stars”.

TEACHER: Open your book page on 40,our new theme is “Film stars”, what translate in Uzbek theme?

Pupils: It is translated “film yulduzlari”

TEACHER: Yes of course, what do you think, who are they, film stars?

Pupil A: They are famous for film, everybody likes and knows them.

TEACHER: Certainly, OK. There are many famous film stars in Uzbekistan and other countries, let’s speak some of them now. Look at the exercise 1 a. There are described some film stars from different countries.Who is tell us, who is in first picture?

Pupil A: She is a Gulchexra Jamilova, she is in Uzbekistan.

TEACHER: ok,thank you, she is a Gulchexra Jamilova,(teacher showed her photo in card and stick it to the world map over country Tashkent) she was born 1946,in Tashkent. She is one of the famous Uzbek film stars. She has play very many role in films.For example “Shaytanat”, “O’tgan kunlar”, “Kelinlar qo’zg’oloni” and others. She begun to play of roles when she was in 20.

Who is next actor ?

Pupil B: He is Amitabh Bachchan.He is from in India.

TEACHER: all right, he is a Amitabh Bachchan(teacher showed his photo in card and stick it to the world map over country India),is one of the famous indian film stars,He has played the roles of main characters in several films. The best films he has appeared in for the last three years are “Kaante”,”Arman”, “boom”, “baghban” and others.Who is tell us about next actor?

Pupil C: He is Yuri Nikulin, he played “Operation Y”, “The diamond arm”.

TEACHER:Yes,right,Yuri Vasilevich Nikulin (teacher showed her photo in card and stick it to the world map over country Russia),was born in 1921 in Smolensk.The best comedies he had appeared are ”Operation Y”, “The prisoner of Caucasus”, “Capitan Krokus” etc.

Who tell us , Jackie Chan is…

Pupil D: he is famous actor, he was born in China.

TEACHER: Right, he (teacher showed her photo in card and stick it to the world map over country China)was born in1954,in Hong Kong. His real name is Chan Kong Sang. In 1962 he played a role in the film called “Large and small Bar Von Tin” for the first time. He has taken part in several films since then. His films for the last ten years are : “Shanghai Knights”, “Shanghai midday”, “Tuxedo”, “Adventures of Jackie Chan” etc.Do you know about Charlie Chaplin?

Pupil E: Charlie Chaplin was comedic actor.

TEACHER: Thank you, sit down. Charlie Chaplin (teacher shows her photo in card and stick it to the world map over country London) was born in 1889,in London’s poor family. He is one of the most famous stars in the history of movies. During the area the silent comedies, he was often called “the funniest man in the world”. He wrote and directed nearly all his films himself. First he appeared as the little fellow. He wore a hat, a coat which was too small, and trousers and shoes which were much too big. He was a man with a small moustache. He became famous for his comic character.

Now, look at the computer and listen, please. China. He was famous and first Kung Fu actor, he was the best specialist for Kung Fu, He appeared very many films.(Teacher plays computer, pupils watch and listen video about famous film star Bruse Lee, he was born in films. But he died very early, when he was 32.)

TEACHER: Did you understand video, who was he?

Pupil F: He was one of the film star.

4.Consolidating the lesson:

TEACHER: If it is under stable, good, look at the book exercise 3.You should take turns to describe one of the stars in 1a. You should not give the name, only the description. Yours partner should look at the pictures, listen to the description and guess the person being described. There new words by new theme on the blackboard, copy out them in your dictionary note book and use them now.

Now let’s play a lesson game over theme with two of you.(they are low learner in a class).Come to the black board , please. You should choose one of the tulip, it is written film stars and cartoon.

And you should play bingo on the blackboard by pictures.

Film stars and cartoons pictures are sticked on the blackboard.Pupils choose ,and one of them played with cartoon and other of them plays with film actors.

The end of game one of them wins.


Then teacher checked pupil’s work, pupils read their sentence.

Pupil A : She is a beautiful woman with round face.

Pupil B: She is a Gulchexra Jamilova.

Pupil C: He is a tall men with board.

Pupil D: he is a Amitabh Bachchan.

Pupil E: He is a handsome.

Pupil F: He is a Yuri Vasilevich Nikulin.

Pupil G: he is a short man with black hair.

Pupil H: He is a Jackie Chan.

Pupil I: He is a thin man with a small moustache.

Pupil J: He is a Charlie Chaplin.

TEACHER: It is good, now write down a grammar rule on your notebook.

Grammar: !!! If plural noun comes from after adjective ,put predlog “a” before adjective in the sentence.For example:She is a beautiful woman .

!!! If singular noun comes from after adjective ,put nothing before adjective in the sentence.For example:She is picking four kilos red apples.


Now it’s time to finish our lesson. Did you understand our theme and rule? OK,then I will mark active pupils now.

Teacher marks activity during the lesson and according to their homework.


TEACHER:Open your workbook and write down at the homework, your homework is to learn by heart new words in 4 a and make up sentences, use today’s grammar rule and new words.

Our lesson is over, Good bye.

Pupils: Good bye.

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