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This brochure was supported in whole or in part by 

the U.S. Department of Education, Office of     

Special Educations Programs, (Award 

#H027A140111, CFDA 84.027A, awarded to the 

Ohio Department of Education).  The opinions 

expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the poli-

cy or position of the U.S. Department of Education, 

Office of Special Education Programs, and no   

official endorsement by the Department should be 






Longview Center (Main Campus) 

1495 West Longview Ave, Suite 200 

Mansfield, OH 44906 

Phone: 419-747-4808 

Or 1-800-424-7372 

Fax: 419-747-3806 


North Central Ohio  

Educational Service Center  

(Fiscal Agent) 

928 W. Market Street, Suite A 

Tiffin, OH 44883 

Phone: 419-447-2927 

Fax: 419-447-2825 



Dr. George Csanyi 

Phone: 419-747-4808 



Assistant Director  

Ed Kapel, Jr. 


Administrative Assistant 

Sheri Lyn Allen  


Administrative Support 

Kellee Wisenbarger  


Revised  02/16/2016 






1495 West Longview       

Avenue, Suite 200 

Mansfield, OH 44906 

Phone: (419) 747-4808 

Fax: (419) 747-3806 

Toll Free: (800) 424-7372 



State Support Team Region 7  


Vision:  By increasing the growth and 

achievement of ALL students, productive 

and meaningful lives are formed, resulting 

in a better society today, and in the future. 


Mission:  Through collaboration, provide 

intentional leadership to districts, staff, 

families, and community members in or-

der to find and meet the needs of ALL 


State Support Team 




Ashland, Crawford, Knox,        

Marion, Morrow, Richland,  

Seneca and Wyandot Counties 

plus Black River Local Schools 

(Medina County) and  the 

Willard City Schools (Huron 


State Support Team Region 7 is  part of  Ohio’s Statewide System of  Support (SSoS) whose purpose is to build the 

capacity of  local and related education agencies to engage in systemic and sustainable improvement that impacts 

educational outcomes for all students (PreK to age 22). 


Responsibilities and Services include, but are not 

limited to the following: 



Assistive Technology  


Autism and Low Incidence Disabilities 


Dispute Resolution and Monitoring 


English Language Learners (ELL)/Limited 

English Proficiency (LEP) 


Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) 


Parents, Families,  Communit 


Positive Behavioral Interventions and Sup-

ports (PBIS) 


Standards and Alternate Assessment 


State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) 


Postsecondary Transition 


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) 



Dr. George Csanyi  -  PBIS & SPDG 

Barb Gentille Green  - Alternate Assessment;  

Assistive Technology; Autism; Low Incidence 

Disabilities; MTSS 

Ed Kapel, Jr.  -  Family & Community Engage-

ment and IDEA Compliance and Monitoring 

Steve Short --  Statewide Assessments  

Julie Frankl -  Postsecondary Transition &      

College and Career Readiness 

Dr. Heidi Orvosh-Kamenski  -  ELL & UDL 




Responsibilities and Services include, but are 

not limited to the following: 



Assessment Mapping 


Comprehensive Continuous  

       Improvement Plan (CCIP) 


Curriculum Alignment 


Data Teams 


Data Analysis 


Implementation Management and 

      Monitoring Tool (IMM) 


Leadership Development 


Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) 


Ohio’s New Learning Standards 


Ohio Leadership Advisory Council 


Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System 

(OTES)/Ohio’s Principal Evaluation    

System (OPES) 





Stacy Hunsinger  



Responsibilities and Services include, 

but are not limited to the following: 



Curriculum, Instruction and  



Early Literacy and Interventions 


Intentional Teaching Language 

and Literacy Development for All 

Young Children  


Leadership Development 


Preschool Standards and  



Teacher Leader Mentoring/ 



Transition from IDEA - Part C 

to Preschool and Preschool to 




Susan Miller - Early Childhood & 

Early Literacy  

Director - 

Dr. George Csanyi 

Assistant Director 

Ed Kapel , Jr. 

Exceptional Children 

School Improvement 

Early Learning 


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