This is a B. Bikshihi secondary school. School history

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This is a B. Bikshihi secondary school

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School history

  • The school was organized in 1893, as a school at the church , since 1913 it was a two-class school, since 1918 it was a 4 class school, since 1924 it was a 7 class school. Since 1958 the seven-year school was transformed to a secondary school. In 1998 the school is registered by the decision of the head of administration of the Kanash region as municipal. The first building of the school was wooden. Children from Shihasani, Uhmani, Sugaikassi and Ashva came to this school. In 1902 40 boys and 10 girls were trained at school. In 1915 the trustee of the school was Abalymov Nikolay Jakimovich. In 1933 the wooden building of the school was burned down and on its place the building of the club from clay was constructed. The modern building of the school was constructed in 1978. Since September, 2002 the structure of the school includes an elementary school in Ashva. Now 219 pupils study at school.

They were principals:

  • 1. Karpova M. -1915

  • 2. Junderev Alexey Mihajlovich -1928-1931.

  • 3. Skvortsov Alexey Petrovich -1931-1932

  • 4. Orlov Vasily Mihajlovich -1932-1937

  • 5. Muravyov Ivan Petrovich -1937-1941.

  • 6. Malinin Ivan Petrovich -1941-1942

  • 7. Koletsky Alexey Petrovich -1942 from April till August

  • 8. Muravyov Ivan Petrovich -1942-1944

  • 9. Yazikov Ivan Timofeevich -1944-1946.

  • 10. Konstantinov Nikolay Konstantinovich -1946-1956.

  • 11. Filippov Gavril Filippovich -1956-1959.

  • 12. Nikolaev Yefrem Petrovich -1959-1976

  • 13. Ivanova Valentina Osipovna -1976-1978.

  • 14. Fyodorov Nikolay Andreyevich-1978-1988

  • 15. Yakimov Nikolay Jakimovich - 1988-2000.

  • 16. Yeliseyev Vladimir Nikolaevich - 2000-2001 г.г.

  • 17. Yefimov Vladimir Vasilevich - since 2001.

School administration

School teachers with high qualification

They finished school with gold medals

  • Tikhonova Elena

  • Valeryevna 2003

By the results of the second stage of the All-Russian subject Olympiads the school is strongly among prize-winners.

  • By the results of the second stage of the All-Russian subject Olympiads the school is strongly among prize-winners.

We are proud of them

  • Teachers of our school constantly participate in various competitions and festivals. Prize-winners of the regional competition " The Teacher of the Year " are:

  • 2002 - Yeliseyeva Tatyana Vasilevna,

  • 2003 - Ivanova Natalia Serafimovna,

  • 2004 - Nikitina Natalia Nikolaevna,

  • 2005 - Alekseyeva Tatyana Gennadevna.

Nikitina Natalia Nikolaevna, Timofeyeva Remma Vasileyvna and our English teacher

  • Nikitina Natalia Nikolaevna, Timofeyeva Remma Vasileyvna and our English teacher

  • Tihonova Ludmila Alexandrovna got Honorary Diplomas of All-Russian competitions in 2007 and 2008

Kirillova Kate, an 11th year pupil, got a scholarship of the President of the Chuvash Republic N.V.Fedorov in 2008


  • It is necessary to come to school by 7:45. At this time at school we do morning exercises. At exercise time teachers watch, so that all the pupils of all grades were doing exercises. Exercises last up to the first bell. After the second bell the first lesson begins.


  • Lessons begin at eight o'clock and last 45 minutes , and on Saturday a lesson lasts 35 minutes. At lessons almost all the pupils are active. We have 6 lessons every day, and senior grades sometimes have 7 lessons


  • Two pupils on duty help in the dining room.

There is a library at our school

  • There are a lot of books in the library. If you want to read a necessary book in any subject, at once go to the library and take the necessary book for you. But unfortunately it is possible to read some books only in the library.


  • In addition to that at school there is an assembly and a gymnasium. In the gymnasium we play football, volleyball and baseball.


  • In the assembly hall almost all mass meetings take place. For example: a New Yea r party, Teacher’s Day, the Eighth of March, the 23rd of February and other meetings.


  • Near the school we have a sport school where students go in for wrestling and skiing after school.

Thank you for your kind attention

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