This presentation about the role of mass media in education

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This presentation about the role of mass media in education.

First I would like to say what the mass media means. Mass media - are special organizations that process and disseminate information. Mass media includes television, radio, press, and the internet.

Okay, now the question is, how is mass media related to education?

I think The Internet and television are the most important and widespread sources of information for school-age children and adolescents and for everyone

TV as a source of information and knowledge.

Previously, television was really an important source of information and knowledge for everyone. Everyone watched the news different programs and learned something new for themselves but now the Internet has taken the place of television and in general a large part of the mass media

The Internet as a source of information and knowledge

The Internet we all know what it is and its role in our lives for any important and unimportant information we go to the Internet. Why now few people watch TV buy magazines and listen to the radio because all this is on the Internet. if you need a book, you can easily download it , you want to watch TV, you can do it on the Internet and read the news or listen to the radio

And at the end Magazines and newspapers as a source of information and knowledge

At the moment, I believe that this is the most unpopular way to get any information and knowledge, as I said earlier, all this information is available on the Internet. Most often magazines and newspapers are bought by the elderly as some do not really understand how to work with the Internet

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