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TITLE OF POST: Post Doctoral Researcher in Applied Mathematics
LOCATION: University of Limerick
REPORTS TO: Project Leader
CONTRACT TYPE: Specific Purpose
SALARY SCALE: €38,632 - €50,029 p.a. pro rata
WEBLINK TO SCHOOL/DEPARTMENT: https://www.ul.ie/scieng/schools-and-departments/department-mathematics-and-statistics
WEBLINK TO RESEARCH CENTRE: https://ulsites.ul.ie/macsi/
WEBLINK TO PI’s RIS/RESEARCHGATE PROFILE: https://www.ul.ie/research/dr-doireann-okiely



  • A doctoral degree (level 10 NFQ) completed or near completed (please give date of PhD viva in application), in applied mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering or other relevant discipline with a significant mathematical modelling component.


This is a two-year post doctoral researcher role in the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) and Insight, the SFI Centre for Data Analytics. MACSI is Ireland’s largest applied and industrial mathematics group and works closely with scientists and industrial companies across a wide variety of sectors. MACSI’s aim is to foster new collaborative research, in particular on problems that arise in industry through the application of cutting-edge mathematical and modelling techniques. In collaboration with Insight, a focus is on using data to motivate and improve mathematical models as part of a research challenge on the foundations of data science.

Mathematical models for fluid and solid mechanics are often used to improve both the design of technical products and their manufacture. These improvements are key to increasing efficiency and reducing waste in a range of areas including the glass and metal industries, battery design and solar cell design. Data sources include experiments and numerical simulation; one key challenge is assimilating diverse and often noisy data into mathematical models in a rigorous and coherent fashion.

We are seeking to recruit a post doctoral researcher to join Dr Doireann O’Kiely’s team for approximately two years in the development and analysis of mathematical models in fluid and/or solid mechanics. The primary role of the post doctoral researcher will be using mathematical modelling and data sources to reduce waste and improve sustainability in glass and metal manufacturing, energy capture and storage, or other areas of interest. We will use ODE (ordinary differential equation) and PDE (partial differential equation) modelling, together with perturbation methods and numerical analysis, with a view to linking to existing or new data. Where appropriate, the researcher will also engage with industrial and other partners and collect and analyse data relating to systems of interest.

Download 264.5 Kb.

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