To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Many believe that the best way to ensure a happier society is to reduce the difference in income earnings between the rich and poor.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is commonly thought that to make the society much happier is within reach by minimizing the gap between takings of the rich and poor. From my point of view, this idea is logically mistaken and shortsighted, so I am totally in disagreement with it. In the forthcoming paragraphs I will explain my own thoughts in detail.

Firstly, these actions- reducing the salary of people with deep pockets and raising that of needy people-are unable to be done because employers set payable salaries to employees in accordance with their knowledge, experience and other required qualifications, not how they are moneyed or impoverished. Therefore, these actions may lead to a bunch of conflicts amongst people and social problems in the society. For example, if the rich are not paid in line with their labor and without serious reasons governments try to limit their earnings, they will quit their job and leave the country as their wealth enables to do so. As a result, loss of nation may appear.
The second obvious point is that if governments try to make the life of poor people as good as that of the rich instead of those it may be hard for people to find a motivation to education, learning special skills and so on, giving rise to a way for an unlearned and immoral generation to spring up. Another thing which is worth considering is that money is not a lonely main factor in fortunate lifestyle. That is why for some people high income do not match the happiness. There are a number of elements besides that to ensure a happier society, such as sincere relations among people, a perfect system of service, good living conditions and etc.
In conclusion making earnings of wealthy and low-paid people equal is more disadvantageous and it may bring about many damages in economic and social ways in reverse a happier society.
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