To work and meetings. In the evening, she can adjust it a bit, change the length

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to work and meetings. In the evening

she can adjust it a bit, change the length, 

add or remove a layer, put high heels 

and go out with friends! Nowadays, this 

versatility is important.”

Xsenia’s spring/summer 2015 collection 

seeks inspiration from lengths of purest 

silk and pieces of beautifully delicate 

vintage laces in shades of royal blue and 

pastel colours. From this she developed 

the print artwork which formed the 

back bone of the collection. The designer 

also drew inspiration from her Russian 

heritage and infused colour and texture 

from a number of grand architectural 

sites around Russia. In the collection, 

you’ll  find  a  range  of  day  wear,  two 

piece ensembles, cocktail dresses and an 

abundance of contemporary, feminine 

tailoring that has become Xsenia’s 

trademark aesthetics. Designs from 

her spring/summer collection include 

Callista,  a  flattering,  scuba  jersey  fabric 

skirt with a uniquely printed middle 

panel and chic, statement zip; Jupiter, 

a  floaty  and  feminine  dress  beautifully 

printed with lilac abstract lace, and 

featuring a fashionable cut-out neckline

Pandora  Rose,  a  floaty  and  feminine 

dress with fashionable lace print work 

and printed triple georgette panel, 1/4 

sleeves and asymmetrical hemline; and 

Venus Grey, a cool, casual and chic shirt 

dress with a subtle pleated stand collar 

design, contrasting 1/4 length sleeves 

and printed, button-down front. 

When she’s not designing clothes and 

making long lasting clothes that will 

make people happy, Xsenia loves to 

travel and discover new things. “Over 

the years I have collected so many 

memories and photos. I love that I can 

put all my inspirations into action and 

see the result straight away.” Her digital 

prints have become her key signature; 

inspired by the four elements of earth, 

water,  air  and  fire,  and  declares  that 

colour continues to underpin her 

creations. While each piece is a “whole 

unique process”, it can take on average 

two or three days to construct a piece 

of clothing from start to finish. One of 

her many accomplishments as a designer 

is dressing Russian celebrities such as 

TV  star Anfisa  Chehova. “It’s  easier  to 

dress a model as they are like a blank 

canvas where you can create art as you 

want. When we have real women with 

different shapes you need to remember 

that it is like carving a stone; it dictates 

on its own.” She was named one of five 

winners for a Louis Vuitton competition 

to design wearable bags for Luna trips 

and  selected  for  the  final,  which  was 

published in ‘new era XC’, the 90th 

anniversary competition, and also 

won a competition for Russian young 

designers in Moscow. But the greatest 

achievement for Xsenia is “seeing the 

transformation of women when they 

put on my dresses, and the confidence 

they gain from wearing my designs.”

According to Xsenia, a good quality 

article of clothing is one where you’re 

able to “see the core of a clothing brand 

in the workmanship of the garment. A 

garment that is instantly recognisable as 

a certain designer’s work.” Her passion 

for design underpins everything in 

her life and enjoys both sketching and 

constructing so she can see her designs 

in both forms. She would like to dress 

celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson

Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Bilson and Jessica 

Szohr while the fashion designers that 

inspire her include Vivienne Westwood, 

Giles Deacon and Alexander McQueen. 

Her favourite models are described 

as real people! “As I said before, my 

clothes are designed to be loved and to 

become long lasting staples in a woman’s 

wardrobe. I want to be able to give 

women items which they will treasure 

and continue to pull out as fail-proof 

outfit choices in years to come!”

When preparing for a fashion shoot or 

show, Xsenia says, “It’s more or less the 

same mood board as for the collection. 

Each show should convey the same 

ideas as the collection it displays. It takes 

a lot of practical work, but in the end 

it’s not really the logistics.” She works 

with all colours and declares, “There 

is always a vibrant range of colours in 

my work”; while her favourite fabrics 

include silk jersey, chiffon and georgette. 

“I use them a lot in my collections 

because they breathe and give such 

beautiful movement.” Finally, her advice 

to aspiring fashion designers is “always 

be sure to enjoy whatever it is that 

you’re doing” and her ultimate future 

fashion goal is to “sell in every country 

in the world.”




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