Topic of the demo lesson: Enjoy english

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Worksheet 1, Ижарада яшовчи талабалар РЎЙХАТИ, 40Ô὿¬ ÔÑßÔ 9¬½, natija, 11 sinf kimyo test, English-in-our-school-life-

Topic of the demo lesson: Enjoy english
Aim of the lesson: the aim of the lesson is to revise the gained knowledge of the student in theprevious term. In this lessin we used interactive method of teaching.
Plan of the lesson: The lesson will be held as a small competition between girls and boys. The name of boy's team is "Strong boys" and the girls' is " Clever ledies". There will be questions in balloons and hidden task on the board. One member of ech group coms to the board turn by turn and asnwers one question in the balloon. After the answer members should chose one task on the board. 0.5 mark for a question and 0.5 mark for a task. Total mark for a single member will be 1, If he/she can do both properly.
Equipments: Stickers and balloons.
Giving a homework: learning the new words by heart.
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