Triangle Soccer Officials

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Triangle Soccer Officials

  • 2015 Association Meeting

Old Business

  • Met at Cardinal Gibbons on July 27, 2015
  • Board was voted in for 2014-15 season

New Business

  • The bigger schools in the metropolitan area are very happy with our service
  • The out-lying schools are not so happy
  • Our Senior Officials need to start seeing the out-lying schools
  • I filled up my tank this morning for $2.24
  • I will do my best to car-pool and get double-headers

New Business

  • Turning back an accepted game policy (The Rick Wooten Policy)
  • First Time: Freebie
  • Second Time: Lose next 2 assignments
  • Third Time: Done for the season

Mentor Program

  • In the fall of 2014, a Mentor Group with established.
  • 5 Mentors were selected by the Regional Supervisor to work with 2-3 officials
  • The officials who were Mentees were identified as ones with potential to do higher level games

Mentor Program

  • Current Mentor Groups:
  • FORREST AMBROSE: Hicham El Bariq, Chris Parkin, Seth Pierce
  • BARRY DONOW: Tim McKenna, Steve Guzzi
  • AARON GALLAGHER: Steven Bickford, Dylan Ejlaji, Michael Hieronymus

Mentor Program

  • JEREMY SMITH: Brian Lee, Nick Crosetto
  • RAY THOMAS: Colin Dalton, Will Hunt, Russ McKernan
  • Added Mentees for the 2015 season: Mark Novosel, Raphael Baptista, and Nick Strednak

Dates To Keep In Mind

  • Tentative
  • Pre-Season Clinic:
  • -Knightdale Area: February 8, 2015
  • -Durham/Chapel Hill Area March 1, 2015
  • -Mid-Season Clinic:
  • Lord Corporation-Cary April 12, 2015
  • Summer Rules Clinic: July 26, 2015


  • Will be self-assign
  • Go up on Monday
  • Look for Self-Assign tab on Assigning in Arbiter

New Business

  • Any other new business?

2014 Honors

  • This year the State Assigned the 3rd and 4th Rounds of the Playoffs for Public School
  • Congrats to those of you who were selected by the State Office!

3rd Round 1A Games

  • East Carteret vs. Spring Creek:
  • Ref: Mike Pritchard
  • AR: Jacob Augsburger
  • AR: Milton Little
  • Starmount vs. Union Academy
  • Ref: Austin Ambrose
  • AR: John Lavender
  • AR: Chris Parkin
  • Community School vs. Avery
  • Ref: Ayman Nabulsi
  • AR: Stephen Bickford
  • AR: Hicham El Bariq

3rd Round 2A Games

  • Washington vs. Croatan
  • Ref: Scott Rackley
  • AR: Otis Moss
  • AR: Evan Fulks
  • First Flight vs. East Duplin
  • Ref: Tom Pittman
  • AR: Bill Gibson
  • AR: Eddie Keeter

3rd Round 3A Games

  • Statesville vs. East Henderson
  • Ref: Barry Donow
  • AR: Dan Dunbar
  • AR: Josh Nagleburg

3rd Round 4A Games

  • Pinecrest vs. East Forsyth
  • Ref: Ray Thomas
  • AR: BJ Attarian
  • AR: Jordan Galatioto
  • Lake Norman vs. Hough
  • Ref: Aaron Gallagher
  • AR: Nathan Finger
  • AR: Robert Dail

4th Round 1A Games

  • North Moore vs. Union Academy
  • Ref: Mike Pritchard
  • AR: Barry Donow
  • AR: Jacob Augsburger
  • Wallace-Rose Hill vs. East Carteret
  • Ref: Scott Rackley
  • AR: Milton Little
  • AR: Evan Fulks

4th Round 4A Games

  • Laney vs. New Hanover
  • Ref: Forrest Ambrose
  • AR: Sean O’Boyle
  • AR: Justin Finger
  • Reagan vs. East Forsyth
  • Ref: Ben Beal
  • AR: Ray Thomas
  • AR: Ryan Graves

4A Western Regional Final

  • Ref: Forrest Ambrose
  • AR: Sean O’Boyle
  • AR: Justin Finger

2014 NCISAA 1A Private School Championship

  • Ref: Masoud Monazah
  • AR: Bill Rhinehardt
  • AR: Paul Pooley

2014 NCISAA 2A Private School Championship

  • Ref: Robert Dail
  • AR: John Lavender
  • AR: Chris Parkin

2014 NCHSAA 2A State Championship

  • Ref: Forrest Ambrose
  • AR: Sean O’Boyle
  • AR: Justin Finger
  • Alt: Scott Rackley

2014 Stig Sasse Rising Official Award

  • Stig was always interested in developing officials. He would frequently appear at Leesville Rd games.
  • Past Winners:
  • 2012: Ben Meyer
  • 2013: Forrest Ambrose

2014 Stig Sasse Rising Official Award

  • Justin Finger

2014 Inaugural Rick Hirsch AR Award

  • The Triangle Soccer Officials wanted to create an award which recognizes Officials who have a great skill at being an ASSISTANT REFEREE
  • For those who do not know Rick Hirsch was a long-time official for TSOA. Everyone appreciated his small stature and work rate on the field

2014 Inaugural Rick Hirsch AR Award

  • Sean O’Boyle

2014 Ed Alston Outstanding Official Award

  • Ed was the Founder of our Organization. He will be sorely missed as he passed away this spring.
  • Past Winners
  • 2012-Saeed Mohamed
  • 2013-Larry Stroud, Jr.

2014 Ed Alston Outstanding Official Award

  • Phillip “Scott” Rackley

Congratulations to all for a Great 2014!

  • -Let’s strive for all games with full coverage in 2015!
  • -Let’s keep improving our product ON and OFF the field
  • See you all at the North Raleigh Fox and the Hound!

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