U. S. Mission Tashkent, Uzbekistan Foreign National Student Internship Program Internship Announcement Number: fnsip 2022/02

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Internship Announcement 2022 HR
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U .S. Mission Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Foreign National Student Internship Program

Internship Announcement Number: FNSIP 2022/02

POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Intern (1 position)
OFFICE/LOCATION: Human Resources Office (HRO)
OPENING DATE: Monday, September 12, 2022
CLOSING DATE: Monday, September 26, 2022
DURATION: 6 months (Internship extension is possible)
WORK HOURS: Part-time; 20 hours/week (Monday through Friday)

The U.S. Embassy Tashkent is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for Foreign National Student Internship Program in the Human Resources Office (HRO) of the Management Section.

NOTE: There are no benefits attached to the internships and no compensation, no future employment rights guaranteed. The intern students will perform their duties under a Gratuitous Service Agreement.
BENEFITS: The internship provides students with an excellent opportunity to get useful work experience in an international organization; improve their English and computer skills, develop event planning/project and time management abilities through active involvement in various HR related activities. A certificate will be provided upon completion if internship program.

    • Assist in processing confidential HR information and inputting into office-specific spreadsheets;

    • Compiling, maintaining and updating personnel records;

    • Develop and carry out an efficient documentation and filing system;

    • Sorting and distributing mail and reports;

    • Assisting in organizing HR Office activities;

    • Scheduling meetings and conference rooms for HR interviews, presentations and events;

    • Preparing VARs and escorting visitors for interviews/events as appropriate;

    • Maintain confidentiality and high level of integrity at all times;

    • Perform other duties as assigned by section;

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the program:

        1. At least 18 years old

        2. Non-U.S. citizen legally residing in Uzbekistan

        3. Graduated from a secondary school or specialized secondary educational establishment

        4. Currently enrolled not less than half-time in a higher educational institution in Uzbekistan as a 1-3 course student* pursuing Bachelor’s degree

        5. In good academic standing at the current educational institution

        6. Be a continuing student immediately upon completion of internship

        7. Good computer/internet and customer service skills

        8. Sufficient working knowledge in English, Russian and/or Uzbek

*Definition of student: “Student is an individual who is enrolled not less than half-time in a high school, trade school, technical or vocational institute, college, university or other accredited higher educational institution.”


Interested applicants must complete application form and submit the form along with following documents via email TashkentRecruitment@state.gov to be considered for the program before closing date September 26, 2022:

  1. Completed Foreign National Student Internship Program Application form;

  2. Passport copy;

  3. Letter confirming that individual is currently enrolled in the forementioned institution;

  4. Transcript from current place of study;

  5. Recommendation Letters and certificates (this is optional);

The forms and additional information are also available online at the U.S. Embassy’s website: https://uz.usembassy.gov/embassy/jobs/


All documents must be sent to the U.S. Embassy Human Resources Office at TashkentRecruitment@state.gov

(Please note FNSIP 2022/02 - “HR Internship Program” in the subject line of the email)

For further information on the program please call the Embassy Human Resources Section at +99878 120 54 50


  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interview;

  • Selected candidate must provide written permission from the educational institution and other required documents;

  • Selected candidate will be subject to mandatory medical and security clearances;


The U.S. Mission provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. The Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs. The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation. Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.

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