Variant: 893 task 1: mass media in my life

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English group: ENG064

Variant: 893


Mass media plays a pivotal role in my life. It is quite difficult to imagine the world without it. For example, I am going to be a programmist in the future that is why my job is also related to mass media to some extent. In addition, I really tend to use my time in mass media like watching TV or Internet. Nowadays a lot of people in my country spend their time like me.

There is no doubt that modern technologies make a big progress in mass media by implementing new devices. My country has been expiriencing high improvements in mass media. For instance, The TV channels of Uzbekistan has improved the quality of showing like HD, 4k HD, films with subtitles or changing languages to russian, uzbek or english.

Moreover, the quality of Internet has achieved high level. Before the speed of Internet in Uzbekistan was low and there were few companies which offers their services. However, now these are totally different


Question:What are advantages of subscription pricing?

Flexibility: This is twofold as a customer is able to discontinue the service completely with no initial investment loss and can also add or remove users as the company grows.

Turns Fixed Cost to Variable Cost: Not only does this give customers the pre-mentioned flexibility, but it allows them to spread out costs through the long run.

No upfront payments: It makes enterprise software accessible to smaller or growing companies, or simply ones that have smaller capital budgets to work with.

Better Service From Provider: As the provider no longer collects payment upfront, it becomes crucial that the customer stays with the provider for a certain amount of time.

Task 3

1.Personal information .

First name: Muhammadjonov

Surname: Kamronbek

Address(es) :Ravnak street, Norin, Namangan, Uzbekistan

Telephone number: +998993923907


3. Main field of study and occupation: Present 2020,Learning programming and web developing

4. Main activities and responsibilities

Coding and debugging.

Designing and testing computer structures.

Troubleshooting system errors.

Writing computer instructions.

Managing database systems.

Maintaining operating systems.

Editing source-code.

Profiling and analyzing algorithms.

5. Education and training Dates

2019-2023 Tashkent University of Information Technologies 

6. Title of qualification awarded

BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners (Systems Support)

7. Work experience as a volunteer

IT technical support, networking (wireless and wired), hardware Installation.

Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Tashkent University of Information Technologies , Tashkent, Uzbekistan

8. Personal skills and competences

I am a good team player at work. I work well with people from many different backgrounds. People find me friendly and easy to work with and I understand other people easily. I enjoy helping customers.


Uzbek – C2

Russian – B1

English – B1

9. Organisational skills

I often prepare my team's schedules. When problems happen. I often make useful suggestions, I have good problem-solving skills. I am very organised, this helps me to work efficiently. I enjoy taking responsibility.

10. Technical skills

Setting up both wired and wireless networks, including Wi-Fi. Diagnosing problems in networks. Server administration of both Linux and Windows operating systems
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