Verbs followed by the infinitive or the -ing form

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Verbs followed by the infinitive or the -
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Verbs followed by the infinitive or the -ing form



We use the Gerund form of the verb when it is the subject of the sentence.

  • Swimming is my favorite sport.
  • Playing The piano Is my favorite way to relax.
  • Eating fruits is good for your health.

We generally use the infinitive form in sentences with more than one verb.


She likes to dance Ballet.

I love to eat chocolate.

According to the first verb, you can use the second ONE in the infinitive or in the gerund form.


I like to watch movies.

I like watching movies.

She loves to play games.

She loves playing games.

Some verbs that can be followed by Gerund and Infinitive are:

  • Like
  • Love
  • Hate
  • Begin
  • Start
  • Can’t stand
  • Continue


  • stop + gerund
  • They stopped talking when the bell rang.

    (to end an activity)

  • stop + infinitive
  • We stopped to buy petrol on our way to Bristol.

    (the reason for stopping)


  • remember + gerund
  • I remember singing funny songs with my grandfather

    (a memory)

  • remember + infinitive
  • I remembered to put the rubbish outside

    (I did it)


  • forget + gerund
  • I forget reading this book before

    ( I read it but I have no memory of it)

  • forget + infinitive
  • I forgot to turn my car lights off and ended up with a flat battery.

    (I didn’t do it)


regret (hate)

  • regret + gerund
  • I regret dropping out of university.

    (I wish I hadn’t done it)

  • regret + infinitive
  • I regret to tell you/to inform you that your application wasn’t successful

    regret/hate to tell/inform

go on

  • go on + gerund
  • She went on talking even though I had asked her to be quiet

    (to continue doing something)

  • go on + infinitive
  • They went on to open five more branches after the success of their first restaurant.

    (what they did afterwards)


  • mean + gerund
  • We have to be at the airport by 7am. It means getting up at 5am.


  • mean + infinitive
  • I’m sorry I didn’t mean to tear the paper.

    (It wasn’t my intention/it was an accident)

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