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SINCE 1965

January 31

, 2014

The Year Of The Horse Starts Today. Happy Chinese New Year!

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John Scott stepped into his

new role as L.A.’s interim





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Editorial from 

Rabbi Pressman


The City celebrates 100

years with cocktails at the

Beverly Hills Hotel.


The BHPD gets a new K-9

in Tau, who specializes in

detecting explosives.



George Christy, 

Page 6

Musical Highlights

From The


Included Moments

With Paul

McCar tney And

Ringo Starr, John

Legend, A Trio Of

Cowhands, And A


Named Ella Marie

Local Lucy Meyer asks

President Obama to sup-

port UNICEF.


Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling

Club hosts Friends and

Family Day Feb. 9.


Henry Waxman

By Laura Coleman

It was undoubtedly a Beverly

Hills Centennial Celebration,

and it was fabulous. If you hap-

pened to be among the 1,800

people lucky enough to snag a

ticket to Tuesday’s “sold out” free

concert at the Saban Theatre on

Wilshire Boulevard, you were

treated to an array of musical

homages to the old and the new.

From 92-year-old Betty

White leading the audience in

the BHHS Fight Song (she was



WORLD-SAVING—With 25 percent of all ocean life living on coral reefs, the

work of Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientist Mary Hagedorn

(pictured above, far right) and her team’s efforts to use the latest technology to

save coral species from extinction via cryopreserving – or freezing – coral

sperm and stem cells is critical. Last week, Hagedorn was the guest speaker

at a Smithsonian event hosted by Lisa Detanna, senior VP of Investments and

managing director for Raymond James. “Whether it is any species at the zoo

or the coral that helps protect our reefs, we are all interconnected and when

we save the animals, it helps save the planet, and us of course,” said Detanna.

Pictured above (from left): Smithsonian National Board Member Jennifer

Walston Johnson, Sjon Dowell, Detanna and Hagedorn.

Courier Photo by Laura Coleman

Beverly Hills Centennial Celebration Sings At The Saban


100 YEARS—

More than 1,800

Beverly Hills resi-

dents and fans

packed inside the

Saban Theatre on

Tuesday night for

the City’s

Centennial Sing-

Along Celebration,

which kicked off a

year-long celebra-

tion of Beverly

Hills’ history. As a

finale, the Beverly

Hills High School

Marching Band

came down the

aisles to join the



Philharmonic play-


76 Trombones

by the late Beverly

Hills resident

Meredith Willson.

Rep. Henry Waxman To

Retire After 40 Years

By Laura Coleman

Last Friday, former Beverly

Hills High School coach Jeff

Fisher filed a lawsuit in Los An-

geles Superior Court against

the Beverly Hills Unified

School District, Beverly Hills

Ex-Beverly High Coach Fisher

Sues District, Paysinger

By Laura Coleman

California Congressman Henry A. Waxman,

a leader in the enactment of major health, con-

sumer protection, environmental, telecommuni-

cations, and good government laws, yesterday

announced that he would retire at the end of this

Metro Down The Line: How

Metro Dealt With Brentwood

By Victoria Talbot

Metro has been involved in a

spate of projects that have ensured

gridlock with a padlock for the

past several years. Throughout the

communities of Los Angeles, the

venerable institution has been

Beverly Hills School District

Retention Policy Up For Debate

By Laura Coleman

A proposal to change the Bev-

erly Hills Unified School District’s

retention policy could see the

number of students held back a

year balloon from a handful to up-

wards of 30, according to Chief

(see ‘CENTENNIAL,’ page 12)

(see ‘FISHER SUIT,’ page 2)

(see ‘WAXMAN,’ page 15)

(see ‘METRO,’ page 10)

(see ‘RETENTION POLICY,’ page 10)

BY Bill Arp

Beverly Hills gratefully

welcomes volunteers to the 56

commission posts of the 12

City commissions. Some seats

go begging and others have

multiple applicants. Are they

Willie Brien: Does He Limit

Commissioners To Backers? 

(see ‘BRIEN,’ page 2)

Celebrity Photo

Agency/Janet Gough


14th annual Music Cares

Person Of The Year Gala hon-

ored songwriter Carole King at

the Los Angeles Convention

Center with a special perform-

ance by Lady Gaga.

Carole King arrived with

daughters Louise Goffin and

Sherry Goffin Kondor.

For more photos, see George

Christy’s column on page 6.

Page 2 | January 31, 2014




In general, the City advertises for

volunteers for the various commissions

such as the Architectural, Design Re-

view, Fine Art, Health & Safety, Plan-

ning and Public Works Commissions.

Applicants submit their qualifications

and are then usually interviewed by an

“ad hoc advisory committee” com-

prised of two City councilmembers and

one sitting member of the commission

in question designated by that commis-

sion to serve on the ad hoc committee.

The candidate approved by the ad hoc

committee is then presented to the full

City Council for appointment or rejec-

tion at a public session of the council.

Few who go before the full council are


Beverly Hills has many residents

who actively and vocally participate in

municipal elections, which is a fact of

great pride throughout the City. But is

there a price to be paid for speaking


This question of fairness came up

when recently-rejected Planning Com-

mission nominee, Marilyn Gallup, was

rejected 3-2. In open session, Coun-

cilmember Julian Gold, M.D., noted

that Gallup had “worked on the John

Mirisch campaign.”

He then joined

councilmembers Willie Brien, M.D.,

and Nancy Krasne to reject the nomina-

tion. Whether Gallup’s efforts on be-

half of Mirisch could be statistically

correlated to her rejection became the


To find out if there is any correla-

tion between campaign volunteer work

and City commission appointments,

The Courier looked at the current com-

missioners and cross-checked their

names against the various city council

campaign websites to see which were

named as members of campaign “steer-

ing committees” or were “official en-


Of our total of 56 commissioners, 1

was listed as a supporter of Krasne; 4

supported Mirisch; 6 supported Vice

Mayor Lili Bosse; 11 supported Gold,

and 35 supported Brien.

Brien sup-

porters comprise more than 62 percent

of current commissioners. It should be

noted that all current planning commis-

sioners either were official endorsers of

Brien or actually worked on his cam-

paign. Gallup was the only planning

commission applicant who was neither

on Brien's steering committee nor was

named as an endorser.

The Courier also cross-checked

City Council liaisons who selected new

commissioners from 2010.


cilmember Brien served on 11 selection

committees in which he picked candi-

dates who were either public endorsers

of his candidacy or named as members

of his campaign steering committee.

No other councilmember on an ad hoc

nominating committee selected anyone

who was named as a member of that

council candidate’s own campaign



(Continued from page 1)

High School Principal Carter Paysinger

and 25 fictitious defendants demanding

a jury trial for damages alleging retalia-

tion, breach of contract, wrongful ter-

mination, emotional distress, and unfair


Fisher's attorney Andrew Treger

told The Courier that Fisher originally

engaged his firm on Sept. 17, 2013 in

the company of “some of the [BHHS]

parents; some of whom are famous.” 

When asked if one “famous” parent

was Rebecca De Mornay, who has been

vocal in her opposition to Paysinger’s

dismissal of Fisher last year, Treger re-

sponded: “privileged information.” 

Fisher was not fired but his annual

contract was not renewed when it ex-


The District's decision not to renew

the contract for for a fifth year last June

was immediately met with an outpour-

ing of opposition from the community,

who soon found themselves pitted

against the administration's decision. 

As a Beverly High track and field

coach, Fisher team produced nine high

school All Americans, 13 all-state ath-

letes, two state champions, eight CIF

Southern Section champions, 153 All-

Ocean League selections in track and

12 varsity team championships. 

District sources speaking on back-

ground and not for attribution have told

The Courier that there were sufficient

grounds for his dismissal despite his

competitive successes.

The gist of Fisher's complaint is that

he was a "whistleblower," claiming that

he uncovered financial misconduct and

undue pressure from Paysinger and

Beverly High Athletics Jason Newman's

own summer sports camp, the "Beverly

Hills Sports Academy." 

Last year, Fisher told 

The Courier

that he was fired because he sought to

train athletes outside of school. Fisher

said he presented Paysinger and New-

man with a summer training plan for

the track and field and cross country

teams that would have forced students

to choose between training with him

rather than paying to be part of the

Sports Academy. The "Sports Academy"

is held at Beverly High each summer

and is the subject of its own investiga-

tion by the District and the Los Angeles

District Attorney.

In August, the District engaged

Trevin Sims with the Los Angeles firm

Lozano Smith to investigate the Sports

Academy, which Paysinger has been in-

volved with since 1997. 

Findings from that investigation

have not been released. 

Treger told 

The Courier that the

District and Paysinger are now in the

process of responding to the suit. 

As per the 25 unnamed “Does,” he

said it was unlikely that anyone else

would be named, specifically the Su-

perintendent or member of the Beverly

Hills Unified School District Board of


The District declined comment on

the suit. 


(Continued from page 1)

January 31, 2014 | Page 3





Page 4

LET’S BOWL!—The Beverly

Hills Lawn Bowling Club is

gearing up to introduce the

greater community to their

beloved pastime.


(From left): Linda Flahive, Joe

Polliner, Allen Grossman, Paul

Flahive, Yvette Tausin, Trudi

Green, Victor Green (hidden)

Dan Standiford, Pam Loar,

Howard Horowitz, Shirley

Roberts, Ilia Liubicich, Jeff Li-

ubicich, Ted Burton, Evelyn

Lucero, Gary Oakland, David

Eldridge and Bill Wolff.

By Laura Coleman

For 90 years, Beverly Hills

residents have been enjoying

the sport of lawn bowling - a

pastime the Beverly Hills Lawn

Bowling Club plans to intro-

duce to the community next

Sunday, Feb. 9, at its first

“Friends and Family” day at


“It’s a very skillful game,”

Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling Club Gears Up For

Friends And Family Day On Sunday Feb. 9

(see ‘LAWN BOWLING’ page 20)

NEW YEAR, NEW HOME—Dasher is a 5-year-old, longhaired Dachs-

hund that weighs 10 pounds. She is a sweet, gentle girl left behind in

a foreclosed house and fed by a kind homeless man before being tak-

en in by ShelterHopePetShop.org. Those interested in giving this little

orphan doggie some TLC and a forever home, may call Shelter Hope

at 805-379-3538 or email Kira Lorsch at 


By Victoria Talbot

After months of anticipa-

tion the historic Beverly Gar-

dens Park Lily Pond is finally

ready to be unveiled Tuesday,

Feb. 4 at 1:45 p.m. 

The lily pond is the first

feature in Beverly Gardens

Lily Pond Centennial Dedication

Slated For Tuesday Afternoon


photo of the origi-

nal Lily Pond tak-

en in 1912 shows

the Beverly Hills

sign (now re-

stored) presiding

over a pond filled

with lily pads.

(see ‘LILY POND’ page 20)


The BHPD welcomes “Tau,”

an 18-month-old Belgian

Malinois trained in patrol

work and explosive detec-

tion. Tau will be working with

Officer Kevin Orth after

completing a demanding 5-

week training course. The

newest member of the de-

partment was made possi-

ble by the support of  Erika

Glazer, who has supported

two other K-9 officers. For

more canines of the BHPD,

visit Beverly Hills TV at


By Laura Coleman

On Sunday, the Beverly

Hills Unified School District

will hold a tribute to former

Superintendent Kenneth Pe-

ters, who passed away last No-

vember at 98.

Memorial For Kenneth Peters Is

Sunday At Beverly High School

(see ‘PETERS’ page 20)

By Victoria Talbot

On Feb. 8 the City of Beverly Hills wel-

comes the “Year of the Horse” at the 3rd an-

nual Chinese New Year Celebration spon-

sored by Two Rodeo and East West Bank with

the Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bu-

reau. The celebration will begin at 4:30 p.m.

on Rodeo Drive between Dayton Way and

Wilshire Blvd. Live entertainment and per-

formances that will highlight traditional Chi-

nese dress, martial arts, folk dancers, acro-

bats, ribbon dancers, Man of Many Faces and

Beverly Hills Celebrates Chinese New Year 2014

“Year Of The Horse” On Rodeo Drive

(see ‘HORSE’ page 15)


C I T Y S L E P T —

Crews installed

Storm Castle, a

sculpture by

American artist

Deborah Butter-

field. The art is on

loan to the City

through February

to honor Chinese

New Year,  the

“Year of the


at Two

Rodeo Drive.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU—On Thursday, the City held a birthday reception at The 102-year-old Beverly

Hills Hotel. The City thanked the many residents who volunteered their time to create the numerous events

that will continue throughout the year, celebrating the Centennial. In turn, the City was honored by our local

leaders with proclamations from Rep. Henry Waxman, Assemblyman Richard Bloom, Supervisor Zev

Yaroslovsky and L.A. City Councilman Paul Koretz. Pictured (from left) Rep. Henry and Janet Waxman;

Councilmembers Willie Brien, Nancy Krasne, and Julian Gold; Vice-Mayor Lili Bosse; Centennial Chairman

Dick Rosenzweig, Supervisor Yaroslovsky, L.A. Councilman Koretz; and Andrea Kune, field director for As-

semblyman Bloom.

By Laura Coleman

The Board of Education is

expected to take up the issue

of the Beverly Hills High

School bell schedule in an ef-

fort to prioritize academics

over athletics at this coming

Beverly Hills Board To See For

Whom The High School Bell Rings

(see ‘BELL’ page 15)

SNEAK PEEK—St. John of Beverly Hills debuted its 2014 spring col-

lection at a reception for the Beverly Hills Women's Club at its Wilshire

Boulevard boutique. The American luxury house is known for it's knit

dresses. From left are: Lilia Martinez, sales associate; Linda Schwartz,

Mumsey Nemiroff, club president, and Kitty Chan, St. John’s manager.

Photo by Maxine Picard

By Victoria Talbot

The Recreation and Parks

Commission (RPC) pushed

back against the Fine Arts

Commission (FAC) about

placement of the Carol Bove

installation in the Beverly Gar-

dens Park Tuesday. 

The Fine Arts Commission

has requested RPC endorse-

ment for the placement in the

(see ‘SCULPTURE’ page 20)

Recreation and Parks Commission Divided on

Sculpture Placement in Beverly Gardens Park

By Laura Coleman

Beverly Hills Unified ad-

ministration, boardmembers

and parents banded together

this week to find a quick solu-

tion to a broken pool heater

that made it impossible for the

BHHS Girls’ Water Polo team

to practice at the high school’s

swim gym.

“The entire board got in-

volved in trying to find an [al-

ternative] pool,” said board-

member Lewis Hall. 

(see ‘SWIM GYM’ page 20)

Beverly Hills School Leaders Act Quickly To

Secure Alternative Pool For Girls’ Water Polo

H E R E !

> > > 

> > >

> > >

> > >

> > >

> > >

> > >

> > >


Page 5


pervisor Michael D. Antonovich

(second from right) along with

fellow members of the L.A.

County Board of Supervisors

including (from left) Zev

Yaroslavsky, Don Knabe and

Gloria Molina said in welcom-

ing John Scott (at podium) to

his new post as interim sheriff:

“With considerable experience

in law enforcement and strong

leadership qualities, John Scott

will be a superb interim sheriff

to lead the department until

voters elect a new one in No-

vember.” Sheriff Scott was

sworn in Thursday at the Ken-

neth Hahn Hall of Administra-



Local humanitarian Lucy Mey-

er, a global messenger for the

2015 Los Angeles World

Games (Special Olympics),

met President Barack Obama

and spoke with him as a

UNICEF advocate to help chil-

dren with disabilities all over

the world. To learn more about

Lucy and her work  visit




days before winning for best rock

performance at Sunday’s Grammys,

the Las Vegas-based band Imagine

Dragons took to the stage at the

Wiltern for an exclusive “Thank you”

event for Citi cardmembers benefit-

ing the Grammy Foundation. Pic-

tured (from left): Daniel Platzman,

Wayne Sermon, actor Neil Patrick

Harris, Dan Reynolds and Ben Mc-


Photo by John Shearer

By Victoria Talbot

The Coalition for Pets and

Public Safety is celebrating a

milestone; since it’s founding

in 1999, COPPS mobile spay

and neuter clinics will have

reached 100,000 animals this

year. Bringing services into

Southern California’s neediest

communities these mobile

clinics treat the problem of pet

(see ‘COPPS’ page 20)

Coalition For Pets And Public Safety Reaches

100,000 Animals For Spay And Neutering



Pets in underserved commu-

nities and among the home-

less are spayed and

neutered to control popula-

tions free of charge. Its a

win-win for the animals and

the owners, thanks to Erika

Brunson. Her mobile spay

and neuter clinics will have

served 100,000 pets in 2014.

By Laura Coleman

It’s adults only at the L.A.

Zoo on Saturday Feb. 8 when

one of Southern California's

most family-friendly destina-

tions kicks off its annual Valen-

tine’s celebration with “Sex

and the City Zoo” from 5 to 7


This year’s  Valentine's

event celebrates romance in

the animal kingdom in the

zoo's Witherbee Auditorium.

The lighthearted affair begins

with a reception featuring

desserts, wines and “animal

walk-abouts,” which include

chats with keepers and the

chance to observe small ani-

mals up close.

The heart of the evening

opens with a performance by

recording artist Whitney Hall.

Following the performance,

guests will be entertained with

a provocative presentation

about animal mating, dating

and cohabitating by Michael

Dee, former L.A. Zoo general

curator, who offers insights

about relationships in the ani-

mal kingdom before climaxing

with an intimate three-course


For more information, visit


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