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  • Gymnázium Pavla Jozefa Šafárika – moderná škola tretieho tisícročia
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  •  Jazyk a komunikácia
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  •  Vzory a ideály
  • Vypracoval:
  •  Mgr. Zuzana Polónyová
  • Dátum:
  •  25.5.2013


  • Who are role models?
  • Celebrities
  • Is family a role model for children?
  • Teachers as role models
  • Jobs as role models
  • Charity
  • Supernatural heroes
  • Discussion in groups
  • The Power of ONE- video
  • Writing- Homework
  • Sources

Who are role models?

  • A role model is a person whose behavior is imitated by others. Of course, there are both good role models and bad role models.
  • What do you think people admire and dislike about you?
  • How many idols have you had so far? Why did you choose them to be your idols?

Celebrities-should popular people be role models?

  • Princess Diana
  • Kate Middleton
  • Brad Pitt
  • David
  • Beckham
  • Mother Teresa
  • Jason Statham
  • What
  • qualities
  • do you
  • expect
  • from
  • celebrities?
  • Exercise 1

Is family a role model for children?

  • Think of your parents
  • and remember how
  • much time they have
  • spent at your bedside
  • hen you were ill, etc.
  • Prepare a short speech
  • giving evidence of
  • your appreciation of
  • their sacrifice.
  • Which quality
  • is the most
  • important
  • for you?
  • Is it important for
  • young people to have a person they admire? Why?
  • Exercise 2

Teachers as role models

  • Seven Ways to Be
  • a Powerful Role Model
  • Model positive choice-making
  • Think out loud
  • Apologize and admit mistakes
  • Follow through
  • Show respect
  • Be well rounded
  • Demonstrate confidence in who you are
  • What do you admire
  • on your teacher?
  • Exercise 3

Jobs as role models

  • How do people
  • become heroes?
  • There are some
  • real heroes in everyday
  • situations. Make a list
  • of some professions
  • where people
  • sacrifice every day.
  • What qualities do you think a person needs to be able
  • to risk his life for someone else?
  • Exercise 4


  • Why is charity work necessary at present? Where do you think it is needed most?
  • What qualities are needed by people who care for poor people?
  • Are there any charitable
  • organisations / activities
  • in our country?
  • Who do they work with?


  • How can people in rich western countries help those who live in poor developing countries in Asia or Africa? Why is such help important?
  • What movie stars or pop-singers do you know who are involved in charity events?
  • Some people claim the only reason celebrities organise charity events is to increase their popularity. Do you agree?
  • What should be done for people who need help in our country?
  • Exercise 5

Virtues and vices

  • Put the virtues and vices into the correct column and give their definition:
  • Meanness, stubborness, teachableness, friendliness, hypocracy, purposefulness, indecisiveness, procrastination, moodiness, touchiness

Supernatural heroes as role models

  • Who do you admire
  • from real or literary
  • heroes and what for?
  • Which of the virtues
  • would you like to have?

Discussion- work in groups

  • Would you like to be an ideal for somebody?
  • If so, what are the qualities you should be admired for? Explain why.
  • Do you think that we are tolerant enough to someone’s weaknesses?
  • Are there any situations when virtues can turn out to be vices and vice versa?

The Power of ONE- you can be a role model


  • Write a discursive essay (220-250 words) on how your life differs from that of a famous person. Write 5 areas which would change in your life if you were a famous person.


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  • http://www.forbes.com/sites/andersonantunes/2012/01/11/the-30-most-generous-celebrities

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