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Washington State

Common Misconception

  • There are two places in the United States named after our first president: George Washington
  • Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) Our Capital
  • Washington State, where I live!


  • Population: 6,664,195
  • 13th Most Populated State
  • Area:184,827 km2
  • 18th Largest State
  • France=551,695 km2
  • Washington=about 1/3 of the Area of Metropolitan France

Population Centers

  • Seattle: 612,000: King County
  • Spokane: 204,200: Spokane County
  • Tacoma: 204,200: Pierce County
  • Vancouver: 165,500: Clark County
  • Bellevue: 122,900: King County
  • All of these cities except for Spokane are in Western Washington.
  • A “County” is a region of government similar to Departments in France


  • My City!
  • Located between Puget Sound and Lake Washington
  • About 160km South of the Canadian Border and about 225km South of Vancouver B.C.
  • 15th Largest Metropolitan Area in the U.S.

Seattle Landmarks

  • Pike Place Market
  • Qwest Field: Home of the Seattle Seahawks (American Football) and the Seattle Sounders (MLS Football)
  • Safeco Field: Home of the Seattle Mariners (Baseball)

Seattle Landmarks

Businesses Founded in Seattle

  • Starbucks Coffee: Coffee
  • Amazon.com: Books and CD’s
  • Boeing: American Manufacturer of Airplanes (only competition of Airbus)
  • Microsoft: Computer Programs
  • Costco: American Equivalent of Carrefour
  • Nintendo of America: Video Games
  • Nordstrom: Clothes

Seattle Businesses


  • Historical Home to Grunge Music
  • Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
  • Birthplace of Jimmy Hendrix
  • Pearl Jam
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Modest Mouse
  • Hip/Hop-Rap has a unique style in

Seattle Industry

  • Besides our famous businesses the majority of Seattle Industry is Maritime (with the Ocean), Biotechnology, and “Green Technology.”
  • Biotechnology: Making pharmaceutical products (Capsules and Pills for Sicknesses)
  • Green Technology: Making things more environmentally Friendly

The Space Needle

  • Seattle’s Most Famous Landmark
  • Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair
  • Located in the Seattle Center Fairgrounds
  • Site of Fireworks for celebrating the New years

Mt. Rainier

  • Largest mountain in Washington State: 14,410 Feet (4,392m)
  • Just Smaller than Mont. Blanc
  • One of the five Active Volcanoes of Washington in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”


  • Mt. St. Helens
  • Erupted in 1980
  • One of the largest eruptions in modern history
  • Picture is of my father on top of Mt. Rainier looking southwest to Mt. St. Helens in 1979, the year before it erupted

The Olympics

  • Second Major Mountain Range in Washington State.
  • 95% of Area is a National Park thus is remains undisturbed
  • Located on the Olympic Peninsula
  • Eastern Skyline is seen from Seattle

Olympic Mountains

Rain Forest

  • The Olympic peninsula is home to the wettest place in the United States
  • Hoh Rain Forest receives over 150 inches (3800mm) of rain per year (Chambery receives 1,136mm per year)
  • Temperate Rainforest unlike rainforest in the Amazon in Brazil

Puget Sound

  • Small piece of the Pacific Ocean located between the Olympic Peninsula and Washington Mainland
  • Left over from the last Ice Age~10,000 years ago
  • Very important to trade and industry in Washington

San Juan Islands

  • Located in Puget Sound
  • 15 Islands are accessible by ferry
  • Very popular summer vacation destination
  • Other islands are shared with Canada
  • Almost the site of a war between the British and Americans

San Juan Islands

The Cascades

  • Major Mountain Range that runs from Mexico to Alaska
  • Smaller than the Alps but just as rugged and wild
  • Less than an hour by car from most major cities in Western Washington
  • Separates Western and Eastern Washington

Cascade Mountains

  • Location of the Mountains is what distinguishes Western from Eastern Washington (wet vs. dry)
  • Great skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, and all outdoor sports

Cascade Mountains

Hunting and Fishing

  • Hunting is a past-time (loisirs) of many people in the Pacific Northwest
  • Hunt for Deer, Elk, and Various Birds
  • Fishing for Trout and Salmon in our Many Rivers

Eastern Washington

  • Heart of Washington’s Agriculture
  • Largest Producer of Apples in the United States
  • Heart of Washington Wine Country
  • Good Hunting and Fishing on the East side of the Cascade Mountains

Columbia River

  • Largest River in the Pacific Northwest
  • Begins in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and ends at the Border of Washington and Oregon
  • Drains an Area the Size of France

Hanford Nuclear Project

  • Built in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project
  • Site of the first full-scale plutonium Reactor in the world
  • Focus of the largest environmental cleanup effort in the United States (extremely polluted)

University of Washington

  • First University in Washington State
  • Rated the 8th Best Public University in the United States
  • Home to the Washington Huskies
  • Located in the Heart of Seattle

Western Washington University

  • My University!
  • Located in Bellingham, Washington at the top of Puget Sound
  • 45minutes by car from Vancouver B.C.
  • Closest City to Mt. Baker Home of the world record snowfall in the 1998-1999 Winter 1140inches(28,956mm)

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