Watching tv shows and movies about crime is becoming more and more popular

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23-november essay

Watching TV shows and movies about crime is becoming more and more popular.
Why is this?
What effect does that have on society?
It is true that watching TV shows and films about crime is increasingly becoming popular. This essay shall look into the reasons why people are interested in watching movies and TV shows about crime, and also discuss its effects on communities.
There are several advantages of watching movies related to crime, because of which people are opting for this type of movies. The first is people want to watch movies that are interesting. When people get bored they may want to watch interesting movies instead of dull ones. The second advantage of watching films about crime is that actors and actresses perform very beautiful, when you are surfing through the channels of your TV, it catches your attention.
There are many harmful effects of such programmes on the individuals and society. The most disturbing effect is on the children and youth. Media violence can stimulate fear in some children, and frighten them. As children see such programs more and more, the effects can become long lasting. Children are in a growing phase and their personality, values and beliefs are being shaped. They can withdraw into shell, and not bloom properly because of this fear deep down in their minds. Moreover, young people imitate what they see, and it is logical that they see glamour in what they do when they commit crime. Consequently, society suffers, as the streets are full of violence.
In conclusion, today people are interested in watching films related to crime and it has some negative effects on society in some ways.
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