We had better take an umbrella. He had better put a plaster

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lesson 2
Rajabova D. Kurs loyiha., Pedagogika fanidan oraliq test savollari javo , Abdukarimova G. Pedagogika va psixologiya MT-2., Abdukarimova G. Pedagogika va psixologiya MT-2., https, Ish reja, Oraliq nazorat KTE (2), Устозлар МАЪЛУМОТНОМА, Xorazm - Vikipediya, 2 5206361404910602602, 620d083e5af04449417275, BITHB oquv qollanma

Lesson 2.

  1. we had better take an umbrella.

  2. He had better put a plaster.

  3. We had to reserve the restaurant at 7pm.

  4. You had better not go to working.

  5. You had better pay for your bill.

  6. I had better not go out. Because I have been excepting an important call.

  7. We had better catch a taxi.

Exercise 2.

  1. had better

  2. should

  3. I had better get up early tomorrow . i have got a lot to do.

  4. When people are driving, they had better keep their eyes on the road.

  5. I am glad you came to see us, you should come more often.

  6. She will be upset, if we don’t invite her to wedding. So we had better invite her.

  7. These biscuits are very delicious. You should try one.

  8. I think everybody had better learn a foreign language.

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Writing Practice

1. Education gives people knowledge and skills
I my opinion education is very important all people. Because if you had learned you might go to abroat. So we could learn and learn.
2. Foreign institutions may offer better courses
because on the another country education have already developed. If we study more , we might go to abroat for change the knowledge.
3. Living abroad can broaden students’ horizons.
It’s trust. Because if we do travel another country broaden our horizons. We might see more new things and abroad nationality.
4. The language barrier can be a problem
of course. Because if we don’t know in there language, we will suffer of all things. For instance we come to shop, we can’t get what we need. So we had better learn there’s language.
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