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National Talent Search Scheme is a flagship activity of the NCERT started in the year 1963. The purpose of the scheme is to identify talented students and nurture their talent. Talent refers to the potentiality that manifests itself in a high level of performance in one or more specialized areas. The scheme, therefore, covers areas like Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law. It honours and helps talented students by providing financial assistance in the form of a monthly scholarship. For the course in Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Commerce, this assistance is provided up to Ph.D. level. For professional courses like Engineering, Medicine, Management and Law; this assistance is given only up to Post Graduation. For the selection year 2009, The NCERT will conduct the National Talent Search Examination for students studying in Class VIII only. 1. Scholarships: On the basis of the examination conducted, 1000 scholarships will be awarded for each group of students appearing for Class VIII examinations.

  • NTSE - India

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  • Team India

Round -1

Round -1 ( Que-1)

  • “Right to Livelihood was part of the Right to Life” is a key sentence of judgment. Name the case in which this judgment was declared.
  • - Olga tellis Vs. Bombay Municipal Corporation

Round -1 ( Que-2)

  • “Right to Life” is granted under which Article?
  • Article 21

Round -1 ( Que-3)

  • Who was the first President of Constituent Assembly?
  • - Sachidanand Sinha, Dr.Rajendra Prasad was elected later

Round -1 ( Que-4)

  • In the 1999 General Elections, BJP won 182 seats. Even though BJP secured large number of seats, but not enough to emerge as majority party. It had to form an alliance with other parties known as _ ?
    • - National Democratic Alliance (NDA)

Round -1 ( Que-5)

  • What other two Ministries does the South Block House along with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)?
  • Ministry of Defense, Ministry of External Affairs

Round -1 ( Que-6)

  • The Supreme Court was established on 26th January, 1950, the day India became republic. It was located in the Chamber of Princes in the Parliament House. It moved to its present building on Mathura Road in New Delhi in which year?
    • - 1958

Round -2

Round -2 ( Que-1)

  • An organization called Satyashodhak Samaj was founded to promote caste equality. Who founded it?
    • Jyetirao Govindeao Phule

Round -2 ( Que-2)

  • “He was a very famous reformer of the South. He was born in a middle class family of Dravidian family. He founded the Self-respect Movement. We better know him as ‘Periyas’. Who is he?
    • E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker

Round -2 ( Que-3)

  • On 12th December, 1911, the coronation Darbar of King George-V was held in Delhi to celebrate the occasion attended by 1,00,000 princes and soldiers. What other important announcement was made here?
    • - Shifting of Capital from Calcutta to Delhi

Round -2 ( Que-4)

  • After the Quit India Movement, when the British Raj fell to its knees. It was decided that India would be given independence in 1950. But it was given independence in 1947 instead when an Act was passed. Name the act.
    • - Mountbatten Act

Round -2 ( Que-5)

  • Bhagat Singh was tried and executed in 1931 because he threw unharmful bombs in the Central Legislative Assembly in 1929. Who was the other person with him.
    • B.K.Dutt

Round -2 ( Que-6)

  • Kolar in Karnataka is famous for which metal’s mines.
    • - Gold

Round -3

Round -3 ( Que-1)

  • Which was the first country to develop hydroelectricity?
    • -Norway

Round -3 ( Que-2)

  • What is common between Narora, Kalpakkam, Tarapur, Kota & Kaiga?
    • Only places in India to have nuclear reactors

Round -3 ( Que-3)

  • Study of grapes?
    • -Viticulture

Round -3 ( Que-4)

  • Scavengers in Indian subcontinent were dying after scavenging livestock treated with diclofenac, a painkiller similar to aspirin due to kidney failure. Name it (the kind).

Round -3 ( Que-5)

  • Resources whose actual quantity is known are called actual resources. What are the resources whose actual quantity is not known called?
    • - Potential resources

Round -3 ( Que-6)

  • Swami Dayanand Saraswati founded an organization called Arya Samaj that attempted to reform Hinduism. In which year, was it founded?
    • - 1875

Round -4

Round -4 ( Que-1)

  • LPG mainly contains
  • (a)Methane (b)Mixture of Methane and Ethane (c)Mixture of Hydrogen, Methane and Ethane(d)Mixture of Butane and Iso-butane
    • - D

Round -4 ( Que-2)

  • Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel?
  • (a) Iron (b) Tungsten
  • (c) Chromium (d) Nickel
  • - B

Round -4 ( Que-3)

  • The windscreen of cars, aeroplanes etc, is made up of
  • (A) Hard glass (B) Safety glass
  • (C) Lead glass (D) Soda glass.
  • - B

Round -4 ( Que-4)

Round -4 ( Que-5)

  • Lady bird beetle is
  • (A) Bird (B) Insect
  • (C) Worm (D) Reptile.
  • - B

Round -4 ( Que-6)

  • The gland which is exocrine and endocrine is
  • (A) Adrenal (B) Pituitary
  • (C) Liver (D) Pancreas.
  • - D

Round -5

Round -5 ( Que-1)

  • In the add, when caption comes “Gala sab ka sukta, Darr harek ko lagta hai” which glands recreation in the body is expected and name.
    • - Adrenalin

Round -5 ( Que-2)

  • ‘X’ gland secrete harmones which include harmones that make other glands such as the thyroids and adrenals, secrete harmones. What is name of this gland.
    • - Pituitary

Round -5 ( Que-3)

  • I am a force which opposes force which is the cause of buy birth. I am also known as necessary evil. You can minimize me but cannot get rid of me. Who am I?
  • - Friction

Round -5 ( Que-4)

  • I am indicator of energy. I am not appreciated like marks. The more value I have the more I am disliked. I am not linear as decibel. I cannot be measured by the student scale.
    • - Richter Scale (Earth Quake)

Round -5 ( Que-5)

  • It is easier to catch a tennis ball as compared to a cricket ball moving with the same velocity because
  • (a) the tennis ball has less momentum than cricket ball
  • (b) the tennis ball is lighter than cricket ball
  • (c) the tennis ball has higher potential energy than the cricket ball
  • (d) both the balls have the same kinetic energy
  • A

Round -5 ( Que-6)

  • The one which does not loose its identity even after crystallization is
  • (A) Virus (B) Bacterium
  • (C) Microbe (D) Protistian
  • - A

Round -6

Round -6 ( Que-1)

  • The Revolt of 1857 began at Meerut on
  • (A) April 10 (B) April 9
  • (C) May 10 (D) March 29.
  • - C

Round -6 ( Que-2)

  • Who was not an important leader of the Revolt of 1857.
  • (A) Kunwar Singh (B) Wajid Ali Shah
  • (C) Nana Saheb (D) Bakht Khan.
  • - B

Round -6 ( Que-3)

  • Vande Mataram was written by
  • (A) Mohd. Iqbal (B) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
  • (C) B G Tilak (D) Rabindranath Tagore.
  • - B

Round -6 ( Que-4)

  • “Jana Gana Mana was written by
  • (A) Mohd. Iqbal (B) Subhash C Bose
  • (C) B G Tilak (D) Rabindranath Tagore.
  • - D

Round -6 ( Que-5)

  • Which one of the following Sikh Gurus organized the Sikh as soldiers to fight against the Mughal Army?
  • (A) Guru Nanak (B) Guru Arjun Dev
  • (C) Guru Angada (D) Guru Govind Singh.
  • - D

Round -6 ( Que-6)

  • Which one of the following countries is the largest producer of rice in the world?
  • (A) China (B) Japan
  • (C) India (D) Bangladesh.
  • - A

Round -7 ( Spectators)

Round -7 ( Que-1)

  • Every year the Human Rights Day is celebrated on ____
  • (A) October 2 (B) October 24
  • (C) November 19 (D) December 10.
  • - D

Round -7 ( Que-2)

  • The first General Elections of Lok Sabha were held in the year ____
  • (A) 1947 (B) 1951
  • (C) 1952 (D) 1957.
  • - C

Round -7 ( Que-3)

  • Name the island group of India lying to its southeast.
  • (a) Lakshdweep (B) Andaman and Nicobar
  • (C) Rameshwaram (D) Mali.
  • - B

Round -7 ( Que-4)

  • Where is the Pir Panjal Range located ?
  • (A) Himachal Pradesh (B) Uttranchal
  • (C) Arunachal Pradesh (D) Jammu and Kashmir.
  • - D

Round -7 ( Que-5)

  • Monsoon are
  • (A) seasonal winds (B) permanent winds
  • (C) temporary winds (D) local winds.
  • - A

Round -7 ( Que-6)

  • Who has written the song – “Jai Ho” in the movie Slum Dog Millionaire.
  • - Guljar

Lets Evaluate the Performance

I am sure that all are Winners...... Winner Alpha - Winner Bravo - Winner Charlie- Winner Delta- Winner Elephanta - Winner Fifa -

Name - Pritish Kumar

  • Origin - India
  • Qualification – Science Graduate, Masters of Business Administration
  • Task – Professional
  • Expert – Plan to Achieve Goal
  • Hobbies – Interact with people & help them to make an action plan to achieve their Goal.

Organisation:– Global Leadership Institute India

Global Leadership Institute

  • Where the Vision is One Year,
  • Cultivate Flowers
  • Where the Vision is Ten Year,
  • Cultivate Trees
  • Where the Vision is Eternity,
  • Cultivate People.


  • Are you from a City or Village ?
  • Three Cities in this World
  • Tokyo
  • London
  • New York


  • 1. Energy Management
  • 2. Personal Power Tools
  • 3. Full On
  • 4. Energy States
  • 5. Blue Train – Red Train
  • 6. Thinking Styles
  • 7. Gossip Success


  • 8. Line of One
  • 9. Background Filters
  • 10. Iceberg Awareness
  • 11. Power Listening
  • 12. Power Time
  • 13. Destination Technology
  • 14. Breakthrough Pathways
  • 15. Feed Back

Kaun Kehata Hai ...

  • Kaun Kehata hai ke aasman main surakh nahin ho sakta
  • Ik pather to tabiyat se uchalo yaro..........
  • Safalata
  • Safalta unhin ko milti hain , jinke iraadon main jaan hoti hai,
  • Pankh se kuch nahi hota , honsale se udaan hoti hai,

Punyaa to kya ,paap bhi

  • Punyaa to kya , paap bhi maine kiya nahin hai , aadhe hirdaye se,
  • Nan hi maani haar , aadhi parajaya se, aur naa hi ki taskeen aadhee vijay se...................
  • Main hoon unke saath , sadaa jo seedhee rakte aapni reedh..........

Jai Hind

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