Well-being general health and happiness, peace, calmness

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1. Well-being - general health and happiness, peace, calmness.


3. 1. When’s the best time to do activities that require hard work and concentration?

If you’re more alert in the morning, do schoolwork then and use the afternoon for relaxing.

2. How can you remind yourself to do things later in the day? If you’re planning to do something special later in the day, list what you need in the morning and use your phone alarm to remind you to do it.

3. How can you stop looking at messages, posts, ‘likes’ and emails during the day?

If you want a break from calls and messages, you can always turn off your notifications.

4.Yes/no questions are questions which rises at the end of the sentence. So all the sentences which are demanded to answer, are the sentences that our voice goes up.

Wh-questions are also one of the types of asking questions that our voice goes down when we pronounce them.

5. I won't eat unhealthy food and unhealthy snacks all day.

I won't do hard work which makes me tired in the evening.

I won't sleep all day long.
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