What is an informative report?

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What is an informative report? 
Even though all reports present information, simply put, the purpose 
of Informational Reports is to provide information in an organized
objective way, without analysis or recommendations; in other words, 
to report the facts. The writer is then expected to summarize that 

What is an informative report give example? 
•Information reports are a common way to organize and share 
information. There are many types of information reports, such 
as sales reports, school reports, social media reports, and marketing 
reports. Learning how to write a report can help you present the 
facts about a specific topic clearly and concisely. 

Follow the seven steps on report writing 
below to take you from an idea to a 
completed paper. 
• 1 Choose a topic based on the assignment. ...
• 2 Conduct research. ...
• 3 Write a thesis statement. ...
• 4 Prepare an outline. ...
• 5 Write a rough draft. ...
• 6 Revise and edit your report. ...
• 7 Proofread and check for mistakes 

What should be included in an informative report? 
• An informational report is a factual text which provides information 
in an organized and objective way, without analysis or 
recommendations. Basically, it's all about reporting facts. So, it often 
includes data, details, feedback, or any other type of information 
about any topic or event. 

What are the 5 features of informative report? 
•Organization marked by a logical flow or progression of 
information; chronological, order of importance/priority, or the 
step-by-step approachare the most common; transitions that guide 
the reader. Close attention paid to detail and description. No 
noticeable writer bias. 

•Some examples of informational 
reporting include decision-making 
reports, policy reports, compliance 
reports, status reports, 
•reports may be found in 
encyclopedias, reference books, 
technical texts, social studies books, 
science books, magazines, and even 
internet websites 

•Even though all reports present 
information, simply put, the purpose of 
Informational Reports is to provide 
information in an organized, objective 
way, without analysis or 
recommendations; in other words, to 
report the facts. The writer is then 
expected to summarize that information. 
The information provided may stand 
alone, or it may be used as the basis for 
making a decision. 

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