What is Networking Engineering?

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Reported Questions Change these direct questions into reported speech:

1. “Where is he?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

2. “What are you doing?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

3. “Why did you go out last night?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

4. “Who was that beautiful woman?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

5. “How is your mother?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

6. “What are you going to do at the weekend?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

7. “Where will you live after graduation?” She asked me _________________________________________________________________

8. “What were you doing when I saw you?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

9. “How was the journey?” She asked me _______________________________________________________________

10. “How often do you go to the cinema?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

11. “Do you live in London?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

12. “Did he arrive on time?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

13. “Have you been to Paris?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

14. “Can you help me?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

15. “Are you working tonight?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

16. “Will you come later?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

17. “Do you like coffee?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

18. “Is this the road to the station?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

19. “Did you do your homework?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

20. “Have you studied reported speech before?” She asked me ________________________________________________________________

Reading: Basic Networking

In the simplest explanation, networking is just computers talking to each other. They do this by sending data packets using various protocols and transmission mediums such as ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connections. Computers must also know how to find other computers on the network. To put it briefly, every computer on the network needs a unique address so messages know where to go after they are sent.

Networks exist for many reasons including:

distributed computing in a client-server or peer-to-peer networking architecture centralized data security and authentication elimination of risk of computer downtime. combining computers into a single domain to facilitate groupware applications and system administration tasks communication and fun!

The types of networks you deal with on a daily basis include local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs). Many people today have LANs in their schools, offices, and even their homes. LANs are especially good for sharing Internet access and commonly used files and databases. Users can also connect to wide area networks ( WANS ) as well, which are just large LANS spread out over several physical locations. The Internet itself is basically a large WAN, with each node on the network having it's own unique IP address. As you may have read in books or seen in movies, security considerations play a large role when designing networks. Technology such as firewalls can both block and filter unwanted network traffic. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are used to connect remote users to office networks without jeopardizing security. VPNs use strong data encryption to hide data as it is oving between routers over the Internet. Networking is not something you can master in a week or even a month. Hundreds of books have been written about the subject and many more hundreds will come in the future as technologies mature and evolve. If you work on networks for a living, you are called a network engineer, and you will probably take certification exams by networking companies such as Cisco. There are other kinds of networking as well which are not always between PCs and servers. An example is Bluetooth technology, which is optimized for networking between common consumer electronics such as mobile phones, mp3 players, and similar devices. Okay that's it for now! This is just a basic introduction to networking. You will find a lot more networking vocabulary to master in other units of English 4 IT, and many more on the way.

Task: Read the article and continue the sentences that are given below.

1. How is the networking described?


2. Who is Network Engeneer and what is his / her task? _________________________________________________________________

3. They do this by .... _________________________________________________________________

4. What is internet?

5. VPN is .........

6. How is the certification of Network exams called?



Read the questions and answer to them.

Try to use from the new vocabulary words which are given above:

Part I.

I. Do you often use from internet?

II. What is its benifits to you?

Part II.

I. What does network engineer do?

II. What is your opinion about the network engineer good carier?

III. What is the positive and negative sides of being a network engineer?


Listen the interview that was taken from John who is one of speacialists of Network Engineers.


1. What is ComputerNetworking ?

-> A computer networking is a communication system where a group of _____________ & other device like Printer are _________ by cable & other __________. The data shared between the computer. This concept of connected computer sharing resources is called Computer Networking.


2. what is Server ? Tell me name of different type of server ?

-> A server is a one type of computer , that provides the data,information, software, and hardware resources that are shared on the _______. a LAN can have a more than one server. Each server has a unique name on the network and all the LAN user identify the server by it’s name.

Name of the different type of server is- Dedicated Server, Non- Dedicated Server, File Server, Printer Server , Modem server .

3. what is __________ ?

-> A LAN (Local Area Network) is confined to a small location, typically one building,complex,school. this type of network is called LAN

4. What is _________?

-> A wide area network (WAN) is is ______________ over wide area such as city,country etc. this type of network is called WAN

5. What is NIU(Network Interface Unit) ?

-> The Network _____________ Unit is a device that is attached to each of the ______________ and the server . it helps the workstation to __________ a connection with the network.

6. What is the LINK ?

-> The link is meant to connect between two devices. different types of ___________ and other medium helps to link one device to another devices.

7. What is the ________________ Media ?

-> Wireless Media transmit electromagnetic signal without any electrical and ___________ conductor . name of different type of wireless media i) radio wave ii) _________________ iii) Infrared (IR) light.

8. Tell me different types of networking communication channels?

-> i) Twisted Pair Cable – UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) , STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)

ii) Coaxial cable . iii) fiber optic cable . iv) Wireless Media

9. what is Network Topology ? What are the important ______________ for networks?

-> The Network topology refers to the arrangement physical layout of computer, cables and other components of the network system.

There are three important topologies – Star, Bus and Ring topologies.

10. What are the different ways to _________________ data?

-> i) Simplex ii) Half-duplex iii) Full-duplex

11. What are the major types of networks?

-> Server based Network.

Pair to Pair Network.

12. what is Point To Point (P2P) topology ?

-> Point-to-point The simplest topology is a __________________ link between two endpoints is called Point-to-point topology. It is a point to point communication channel that appears to the user to be ___________________ associated with the two ends point.


Currently times, the modern technologies that works with internet is becoming so common around the world. And it plays a great role in people's life. Do you agree or disagree to this view?




















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