What kind of holiday is this? The price of the holiday includes the flight, hotel, and all your food and drink

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  1. What kind of holiday is this? The price of the holiday includes the flight, hotel, and all your food and drink

  1. cruise.

  2. self catering.

  3. package

  1. Teetotal means-

  1. never eat chocolate

  2. never drink alcohol

  3. never drink tea

  1. Which definition belongs to sluggish*

  1. rather slow

  2. rather rude

  3. rather polite

  1. Small, relatively cheap hotel

  1. guest house

  2. Inn

  3. chalet

  1. If you are ........... something out of ordinary, click here for more information

  1. looking for

  2. searching

  3. seeking

  1. trees that are evergreen and produce cones

  1. Coniferous

  2. Prairies

  3. Deciduous

  1. The USA has traditionally welcomed ....................... from all over the world

  1. emigrants

  2. migrants

  3. Refugees

  1. You have to pay a toll* when ....

  1. a charge you have to pay to stop parking

  2. a charge you have to pay to use the road

  3. a charge you have to pay to use area where your car may be taken away

  1. The farmlands are dotted with woods that lose their leaves in winter

  1. prairies

  2. coniferous

  3. Deciduous

  1. specialized term for writing system and spelling

  1. phonology

  2. morphology

  3. Orthography

  1. opportunistic- __________

  1. using situations for own benefit

  2. too patriotic

  3. ready to help

  1. He was a very altruistic person, almost to the point of being __________.

  1. Intellectual

  2. Tolerant

  3. naive

  1. Final exam questions

Open educational _______________can be particularly useful for students who do not have easy access to a university library.

  1. colleges

  2. inter-library loan

  3. resources

  1. What do we call the first attempt at writing something, e.g. an essay?

  1. first draft

  2. feedback

  3. Composition

  1. What word means ‘the date by which you must do something’?

  1. in time

  2. deadline

  3. Register

  1. What word means ‘using someone else’s ideas as if they were yours’?

  1. Substituting

  2. plagiarism

  3. Paraphrasing

  1. What phrasal verb do we use when someone doesn’t complete their course?

  1. drop out

  2. found out

  3. carry out

  1. What is pragmatics?

  1. Pragmatics is the study of how language is used in context to express such things as directedness, politeness, an deference

  2. Pragmatics is the study which explains the language formation

  3. Pragmatics is the system which studies types of sentences

  1. What is ellipsis?

  1. paraphrasing

  2. Substituting

  3. leaving out of words and phrases

  1. Casual division -_______

  1. One-way participation; no interruption;

  2. In-group friends and acquaintances; no background information

  3. provided;

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