What makes people admirable?

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What makes people admirable?

What praises people? It is irrefusable that people usually consider celebrities as admirable. Although, famous people usually attract society more, I firmly believe that people who are kind, generous and do what is morally correct are also admirable.

First of all, great people often do what is useful for society and for that, other individuals can reap the benefit from them. In short, admirable people share the best with others and they put a their “golden sculpture”. Therefore, society praises this kind of people and be willing to follow them. In most countries as vivid example ,more people usually donate huge amount of amount of money for charities and construction of community buildings and so, they are respected.

Moreover, being admirable is not only doing something great or useful. I meant that people who do not have a chance to share the greatest but always do morally true should also be counted in a list. To illustrate, they are willing to help and do not want to hurt someone other. For instance, in our country rich and famous people are not admirable always, instead society respect and follow the ones who have a ”TRUE SOUL”.

To conclude, I think, not only celebrities are admirable , caring and generous people should be considered the same . I hope , number of admirable people will rise in coming years
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