What subjects did you do at school?

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  1. What subjects did you do at school?

I study at Institute. And as I matriculated the faculty of Economics, I do often the subjects concerning economical sphere like: theory of economy, Regional economy and Mathematics for Economists

  1. Why was it difficult to go to school when a school leaver?

I think this could be because you got tired and really bored from your school, it is an ordinary school day and you don`t want to continue much more. You want anything differ than simple school time. You are ready to step to the next level. So you don`t like to go to school, you spend too much time that enough to you.

  1. What subjects didn’t you like? Why?

That time I really hated geography and history. And this was due to the teachers. They couldn’t conduct the lesson interestingly and everyone got bored from this lessons

  1. What was your favorite subject?

Well, I was and now am crazy about mathematics. I really loved this lesson, cause our teacher was full of energy and I got on (well with) her. I was the best pupil at school. And always it was funny from the beginning until the lessons ended. Pair times I even taught my classmates in some situation, for some reason when my teacher absent she asked me to provide the lesson and I put them good marks and my teacher believing me copied out into rating book.

5.What is the best way to improve your language skills?

Without thinking, I`ll answer – practicing is the most efficient way to improve your language skills, making friends who speak another language and in the process of talking you really know what the problem you have and these friends help you to fix your mistakes.

6.Why did you decide to take your entrance exams to the Institute?

Institute is the where you can study and learn deeper than somewhere else, of course excepting University and Academia. Beside, I had a dream to inter to the Institute and to get Bachelor`s degree(higher degree). So I can say the one of my dreams came true. I want to be professional and master of my work, job. I should be the best economist in my country. This aspects or points made me to matriculate.

Describe a writer you would like to meet.

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  • who the writer is

  • what you know about this writer already

  • what you would like to find out about him/her

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