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  • What we’re about!

The Mission

  • The purpose of the New York State Music fund is to increase access to and appreciation of music in our time by audiences throughout New York State.

New York State Music Fund

  • Classical

Request Summary

  • HWS request funding to develop and produce a series of live-broadcasts of contemporary music to the Finger Lakes region of NY State. Modeled after the “Live from the Met” program the colleges will retain artists who will permit live broadcast of performances. This program will afford access to the many under represented, low –income residents of the region.

Concert Series

  • Live from Geneva was designed as a series:

    • 5 major concerts, likely @ the Smith
    • A number of other smaller concerts @HWS

Musical Genres

  • Popular

    • Hip-hop
    • Alternative rock
    • Country
    • Reggie
    • Highlife
    • Etc.
  • Folk based (of any culture)

Musical Genres

  • Popular

    • Hip-hop Talib Kweli
    • Alternative rock Revision
    • Country
    • Reggie The Wailers
    • Highlife
    • Rock
    • Etc.
  • Folk based (of any culture)

General Audience

  • The Finger Lakes Region

    • 19-35 year olds


Absolutely NO student funds are used for these costs.


  • We CANNOT book any act that is blacklisted due to the group , the agent or the agency having knowingly or unknowingly participated in the pay for play “Payola Scandal” prosecuted by then State Attorney General Spitzer


  • We serve the entire Finger Lakes

  • We are limited to groups who are not blacklisted

  • We are limited to groups that will agree to be broadcast live

  • We are limited to groups who are touring and have available dates

  • We are limited to dates which the venue has available

  • We are limited to groups we can afford

Relationship to HWS Mission

  • … the Colleges have purposefully expanded our mission to encompass substantive engagement in both the local Geneva community and the greater Finger Lakes region. No longer restricting the scope of our vision to the nearly 2000 students on our campus, we have embarked on a series of initiatives to connect our students, our faculty, and our institutional resources more deeply and more permanently into our larger community…

Program intent

  • To reach multiple constituencies in the Finger Lakes region

Possible groups for Fall

  • Remember- depends on availability etc., etc., etc.,

    • Umphrey’s McGee
    • Sugarcult
    • Mute Math
    • Hellogoodbye
    • Vampire Weekend
    • The Starting Line
    • Girl Talk (DJ)
    • Medeski, Martin and Wood (Jazz/Rock)
    • Many others!
      • We WANT to hear from you !
      • Unfortunately, not all good suggestions can be acted up due to the reality of scheduling and availability, but we’ll do our best.

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