When we came back from quarantine we started to get taught by subject specialists known to work at University

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Sobirjonova Sayyora (final assessment)
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When we came back from quarantine we started to get taught by subject specialists known to work at University. After long-lasting pandemic days, we realized that we had lost much time to catch up with grasping experience available in university curriculum. Buy, anyway we gave our best to keep up with our studies. I should admit that, I learned team-working skills in the subject named . As an example, it can be taken that, we gave short speech dividing into groups in the first class of Cefr that can also be considered as a small presentation. Apart from mentioned approach, we also got aware of discussion method. In this way, we learned how to express our opinion regarding our topic as well as cunducted debates familiar as giving an idea against another idea. Furthermore, we were supposed to deliver our ideas using english came handy to get adopted to speak english much more fluently than usual.
Need to mention, for me the very first obstacle I faced had been using more strange words and complex grammar in my speech. After revising topics, doing frequent interaction in english I could adopt using language with less pauses. As for group presentation, I felt more difficulties to get on my novel groupmates, especially, when I was setting a task as a group leader due to the factor that it is vital to distribute the topic properly to every single student took part in my group. In that case, I felt myself as if I had been giving compulsory tasks that they had to perform.
I guess that the main thing I bestowed for the advantage of my group became explainig tips for starting speech unordinarily, because I know that it is fundamental to attract other's opinion which force them to pay attention what we are presenting or speaking to the group. Admittedly, it is so benneficial to share ideas commonly and we can take possible ways to show off ourselves. That`a why, I gave turn to each student to speak, what to speak in order.
As it is mentioned above, team-working skills were mostly taught during the lessons. I also found it cruisal to allocating time getting in touch with groupmates and also asissting them to explain their ideas when they are speaking on the behalf of group. Along with that, it can came handy as it is considered to be time-saving owing to the fact that it is clear that one person tends to spend more time on topic in contrast to group consists of more people. To work in group also gives a hand us in terms of being provided with wide range of ideas to consider.
Because of educator and her various methods, we were able to enhance and also revise our knowledge in comparison to first class we attended. As knowing way to communicate is regarded as vital, we took advantage of overcoming to speak without less stress with the assistance of teacher. For instance, even though I revised my speech many times, when I go to stage, I was prone to forget it due to stress. After the lessons, we learned different sort of communicative competences to boost our knowledge in terms of speaking. I reckon that it will be very helpful when we will be teachers in the future like you.
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