Why is it important to be careful about the use of electricity in the bathroom?

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Three is a lucky number

  1. Why is it important to be careful about the use of electricity in the bathroom?

It is very important so that don’t happen a little explosion in the bathroom. If it is happen any explosion in the bathroom, no one help to you. That’s why you should be careful.

  1. Find this words in your dictionary:

  1. Funeral is event that after someone’s death.

  2. Bubble is something you can find in a soapy bath.

  3. Inspector is a police officer.

  4. Will is document that people write to prepare for their death

  1. Answer these questions:

  1. What was Ronald’s reason for marrying Mary, Dorothy and Edyth?

Ronald’s reason for marrying Mary, was achieved her all money. Also Ronald had talked her into marrying him, and she had then agreed to make a will which left him all her money.

  1. Why does Ronald fill the bath with bubbles?

Ronald said Edyth that you get in quickly before it loses its strength. I skin a bit of colour. And Bubbles cover the heater. It was main aim.

  1. What does he expect to happen when he turns on the electricity again?

He expects that the electricity hit her and her death.

  1. Why does it not happen?

“One, two …three,” he said, and pulled the handle down. A small explosion from the electric point behind him told him that the electricity had gone off. Then everything was silent.

  1. What makes Edyth go to the police?

Ronald asks her to make will in their wedding. Then he starts change to the bathroom. So she suspects is actions.

  1. What do the police ask Edyth to do?

The police asked him why he had got worried so soon. And you must be given the opportunity to try the crime again.

  1. How does she escape from bathroom?

Ronald, if one day you lose me, out of the bathroom, I mean, you will find that I have gone but over the kitchen roof, and am sitting next door.

  1. Whose footsteps does Ronald hear at the end of story?

He hears the police’s footsteps

  1. What do you think happens next?

The first Ronald was arrested by the police. Many times he did his punishment in prison. Then he became free. And probably he did any crime.

Full circle

  1. What qualities and skills does a person need to be a private detective, do you think? Would a man or a woman be equally good at the job?

In my opinion, detective should be serious, patient and even-tempered. Detective must learn of each element with attention so that this profession is very complicated. Also it is equally men a lot. Because you have to a lot of time work. Almost always you should be search for proofs.

  1. Find these words in your dictionary?

  1. A freeway is a narrow road for people to walk on. It is false. Because freeway is very wide road in US.

  2. Roads and swimming pools are divided into lanes. It is true.

  3. Lieutenant is a title for an American police officer. It is true. But not only America but also it has police officer in many countries.

  1. Match the cars with their drivers. (one drivers two cars.)

Green Ford-Terry Layton

Volkswagen-Kinsey Millhone(detective)

Small white car-Caroline

First blue Toyota-Terry Layton

Second blue Toyota-Ron Cagle

  1. Who is speaking, who are they talking to, and who or what are they talking about?

  1. Detective looked back at the young man from the TOYOTA , who was pressing the girl’s neck. “She seems to be alive” he said. Detective left him with the girl, and went to help a man with a broken leg.

  2. Between Detective and Caroline’s mother were conversation. Mother said that my daughter was shot. She began to cry. When she was calmer Detective asked, What do the police say about it? “They are calling it murder now. The officer I talked to thinks it’s one of those freeway killings – a crazy man shooting at a passing car, for no special reason. “They’ve had enough of those in Lose Angeles” Detective said.

  1. Detective spoke to Emerald, the secretary who works in the Records Department. Detective described the young man in the Toyota, thinking she could find in the list of witnesses by his age. She looked down in list. Uh-uh The man in the Toyota gave a false name and address.

  1. Between detective and manager of restaurant was conversation where Caroline had worked. Detective said “Why did she go out with him?

Manager said he seemed really nice at first, but then he got very jealous. He used to follow her around all the time, in a green Ford car. In the end, I guess he was completely crazy. He probably came to find her at the restaurant on Friday afternoon, and that’s why she left.

  1. Between detective and manager of restaurant was conversation where Caroline had worked. Manager said that I and Caroline were not close. She went her way and I went mine. I don’t know good information about her.

  2. About murder between detective and Ron Cagle was conservation. What’s this? Ron Cagle pointed to the number plate, and detective saw that it had completely different numbers. After a moment Detective realized what had happened.” Somebody stole your plates, and put these in their place”

How’s your mother

  1. How is life in a small village different from city life? What are the advantages and disadvantages of village life, do you think?

I think village life is more interesting than city life. Neighbours are kind and help each other. Almost everyone grow plants and fruits. Everywhere is green which cover the flowers and trees. Also, there are some advantages of village life such as less noise, less cars and fresh air, you can a deep and deep breathing this air. But there is one problem. Internet system is weaker than city. So it is difficult to connecting the Internet System.

  1. Find these words in your dictionary and answer the questions

  1. Bury- we bury somebody after they die

  2. Sergeant – sergeant is more important than an

  1. Answer these questions

  1. What does Partridge tell the villagers about his mother?

Partridge tells that she is eighty-six-years-old, and she doesn’t go out much because her friends have already died. She is been in bed ever since they moved here.

  1. How do find out who really lives in Partridge’s house?

It is fire at Partridge’s house and postman put the fire out, then Postman can’t find Partridge’s mother, at the result, Partridge has to the truth. He tells that his mother died two days before. Then villagers are aware of it.

  1. When does decide to leave his job and go to Canada?

He wins a large sum of money in a competition. After this event, he decides to go to Canada.

  1. What makes Sergeant Wallace think that Partridge murdered his mother?

Sergeant says that I have been hearing some strange things about you. People are saying you killed your mother, to get her money. Also, suddenly, you decide to leave to Canada. That’s why I doubt you- said sergeant.

  1. Why does a woman visit him one cold, dark evening?

Partridge wins a large sum of money in a competition. She read about it in newspaper. So she wants him to look after her. Also, she says that I am your mother, Partridge. But he doesn’t believe it.

  1. When Partridge goes to the police to tell his story, Sergeant Wallace doesn’t believe him. Why not?

Partridge joked a lot. So Sergeant said to Partridge that you can have a little joke if you like. Also, there are some facts about his mother. That’s why Sergeant doesn’t believe his story.

  1. Why Partridge invented a mother. What part did she play in his life?

Partridge hated people who were always asking questions. They wanted to come into his house, take his out of drinks. He can’t stand it. Also, he wanted to be alone. So he invented a mother.

At the old swimming hole

  1. Read the first sentence of the story and the question below.

I was sitting on a wooden seat at the University of Illinois indoor swimming pool and I was not enjoying myself”

  1. Where is Illinois?

Illinois is situated in the USE.

  1. Why is the woman at the pool?

She has come to watch a swimming competition because her old school friend is attending to it.

  1. Why is she not enjoying herself?

The seats are hard and noise is terrible – shouts from the swimmers, that’s why make her head ache. In addition, the air is hot and wet.

  1. Find the word gamble in your dictionary. What do gamblers do?

Gamblers play gamble in the evenings a lot. They put money and other things on a game. This is bad game.

  1. Number these events in the order in which actually happened.

  1. A) Louise is shot.

  2. H) Tom borrows a large sum of money.

  3. G) Tom steals Alice’s disks

  4. B) V.I Is shot in the shoulder

  5. E) Alice goes to school.

  6. J) Alice tells her story to V.I

  7. D) V.I visits her old school

  8. F) Tom and his friends go to the school

  9. C) Alice is shot

  10. I) Tom tells his story to the police

  1. Who do you think is the most guilty person in the story? Why?

In my opinion, Tom is the most guilty person in this story. He is the gambler and plays a gamble. He loses everything he own. In addition, He steals his sister disks. Also, he wants to kill his sister so that not to find out losing disks. Tom is selfish and does a lot of crimes.

  1. V.I tries to help her friend. How successful is she?

V.I’s attempts fail. Because V.I tells that we should call about Tom’s crime the FBI. But Alice refuses to it, at the result, Alice is killed by Tom. V.I doesn’t help to her the closest friend.

Slowly, Slowly in the Wind

  1. Find these word:

  1. Corn - you can grow

  2. Scarecrow – you can make

  1. Are statements true or false? Correct the false ones?

  1. When her parents separated, Maggie decided to live with her father.

It is false. Skip wanted very much to keep their daughter, Maggie. Finally, with the help of clever lawyers he succeeded on court.

  1. Skip gave up works because of healthy problems. It is true.

  2. Frosby wants more money for the fishing rights. It is false. Frosby doesn’t want to sell fishing rights.

  3. Skip very angry when he learns about Maggie’s marriage. It is right.

  4. Skip gives Andy a holiday because he wants him enjoying himself. It is false. His aim is kill Frosby. That’s why he gives Andy a holiday.

  5. Skip plans murder carefully. It is right.

  6. Andy shocked by the murder. It is false. Andy isn’t shocked by the murder. He doesn’t tell about it anyone so that he promises to Skip.

  1. Do you feel sorry for Skip? Why?

I never feel sorry for Skip. Skip afraid of nothing which for achieve his aim. He is jealous and very selfish. He refuses to his daughter’s marriage. Also, he doesn’t think about future life of his daughter, only strives for his dream.

Woodrow Wilson’s Tie

  1. What is wax made of? What is waxwork?

Most wax these days is heavy-paraffin (mineral oil, from crude). Also, wax is highly malleable and lipophilic. Waxwork is kind of art. Only you can see models of famous people made of wax in museum.

  1. Choose correct ending to each statement.

  1. Clive’s first idea is to spend a night in the hall of waxworks

For an adventure

  1. He makes his decision to murder three people

Before his second visit

  1. He puts the bodies in place of the waxworks

Because it amuses him

  1. When Clive tells the police that he did the murders

They don’t believe him

The absence of Emily

  1. Think about a title of this story. What can you be absent from? What reasons might you have for being absent?

You study at the University. If you don’t go to the University any day, you are considered to be absence. It may be in work or any party, you have for being absent. It may be other reasons such as illness, busy doing something or etc.

  1. What would you use a spade for?

I use spade in the garden what for digging ground. A spade is necessary equipment for garden. You may soften under the trees, flowers and others.

  1. Complete the story

After his first wife dead, Albert marries Emily. She has a sister who is taller and thinner than she is. While Emily is away at a healthy farm, Albert makes her sister believe that Emily is in San-Francisco. When Millicent discovers her mistake, Albert agrees not to punish. But Millicent has to give him some money.

The Inside Story

  1. In this story the murdered woman has written a crime story. How do you think her story might help the police to solve the crime?

Her story helped the police to solve the crime. In story was written necessary proofs by Sheila. The police used it.

  1. Find these words in your dictionary. Use them in the sentences below.

  1. The earthquake caused a lot of damage in Turkey.

  2. The detectives looked for a clue to help them find the murderer.

  1. A) Which two events on the list below come from Sheila’s “inside story?” Cross them out.

  1. Sheila writes a story.

  2. Morse examines Sheila’s body.

  3. Dr Grainger goes to California.

  4. Lewis’s kitchen is repaired.

  5. Morse reads Sheila’s story.

  6. A letter is written with a green pen.

  7. A woman is questioned in the Oxford Library.

  8. Morse and Lewis talk to Dr Grainger.

  9. Bayley meets Mrs Grainger at a hotel.

  10. Sheila goes to work for Mrs Grainger.

  11. A man and a woman die in a fire.

  12. Dr Grainger returns to Oxford from California.

  1. Put the other events under correct headings below, in the order in which they happened.

Before the story begins: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10,11

Monday: 4, 6, 7

Tuesday: 8, 12

  1. Morse found many clues. Discuss what they were and which one finally him to the murderer.

Morse found some picture postcards, writing stories, advertisements, knife and Sheila’s story. Her story helped the police to open the murdering. There were real proofs in Sheila’s story.


  1. Write one of these letters.

B) A report from Kinsey to Mrs Spurrier in “Full Circle”. Mrs Spurrier already knows who was responsible for her daughter’s death. Kinsey is explaining how she found the man.

I checked a lot of proofs about this murder, at the result, I found a man. It is Tom. He killed your daughter. Also, he did a lot of other crimes. In addition, he gave incorrect information to the police and stole the plates of other car. According to real proofs Tom was boyfriend of your daughter. The police examined Caroline’s car, and found a bullet hole in the window on the passenger side. Your daughter was shot. Tom killed Caroline with handgun. The last, Tom was dead because of unfortunate accident. Detective Kinsey

  1. Choose one of these stories. Write a different ending for one of these stories, starting from the line that is given here. (How’s your mother)

“But now I have other things to do”- said the sergeant, because of “I’m telling you I murdered someone”- said Partridge. But Sergeant didn’t believe Mr Partridge. Sergeant thought that all of them were joke. ”Partridge, you can have a little joke if you like” said Sergeant. Then Partridge asked him that I can just go? You may go anywhere you like –said Sergeant. Partridge admission of guilt, but sergeant didn’t believe him. So Partridge became free. This event is different from other stories.

  1. Write one of these newspaper reports. a) (Slowly, Slowly in the Wind)

A report of the discovery of Frosby and Skip’s bodies, and the connection between them.

One day, Skip offered to buy the fishing rights, he was told that Frosby refused to sell. So Skip disliked Frosby from this day. A few months later, Frosby was disappeared. Then his body was found in the Skip’s field. His body was made of scarecrow by Skip. He was selfish person. Then many months later, the children in the area were getting ready to celebrate the evening of 31st October. They were on Skip’s land. They were singing a song. “Get off my property” said Skip. The children didn’t hear him. Then There were more cries, of terror mixed with pleasure. Perhaps their hands had touched the body. Skip was afraid of it. Skip went straight to his gun. He put the end in his mouth, and fired. When the children came running back across the field to the road, Skip was dead.

  1. Give a short account of how. V.I in “At the Old Swimming Hole” and Morse in The Inside Story solve their crimes. Include some of the similarities and differences between their cases.

Similarities of stories are found out murderer, women die, (Caroline and Sheila) the first one crime is hidden.

Differences of stories are proofs and facts, events, witnesses, ways to kill, detectives are man and women.

  1. Which of the stories do you think is closest to real life?

In my opinion, “Full Circle”, “Three is a lucky number”, “The Inside of Story” and “At the Old Swimming Hole”.

  1. Crime stories usually have a surprise at the end. Which of these stories do you think has the most satisfying surprise?

In my opinion, “Woodrow Wilson’s Tie”, “Slowly, Slowly in the Wind” and “How’s your mother”.

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