Woodsfield Elementary 6th Grade Government Places & Perspectives Learning Circle (ppr1)

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Woodsfield Elementary 6th Grade Government

  • Places & Perspectives Learning Circle (PPR1)

  • Spring 2008 Session

General Government Information

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How Schools Are Controlled By The Government

Woodsfield, Ohio

  • Yes, the education is sorted into the state’s hands. There the Ohio Department of Education. The state has more control then the federal.

Gubkin, Russia

  • Their schools are controlled by the Municipal Department of Education. Furthermore it is controlled by Regional Department of Education.

Novisbirsk, Russia

  • Novisbirsk- Their school is a state school. Most schools there are municipal schools.

Xalapa, Mexico

  • All schools have to be incorporated to the SEV, which stands for, “Secretaria de Educacion de Veracruz” (Veracruz’s Secretarariat of Education). This office sets all the standers all schools should follow in their operation.

Government types in different Countries.

  • Gubkin Russa –Constitution Federation

  • Komi Republic –Parliamentary Republic

  • Novosibirsk –Presidential Republic

  • Mexico –Federal Republic

  • Belarus -Republic

Capitol Building of Mexico

How long do your leaders serve in term?

  • Komi republic-their leaders serve 4 years in term. Their leaders are the same as Gubkin’s and Novosibirsk’s.

  • Mexico-Their leaders serve for 6 years in term.

  • Wichita-They are in the united states like us so they serve 4 years in term.

  • Belarus-Their leaders serve for 5 years in term.


  • Mexico is a federal republic where citizens vote to elect their representatives in the government. Mexican government is formed by three powers:

  • Executive-President of the republic.

  • Legislative-Chambers compound by senators and deputies who make the laws .

  • Judicial-Supreme and local courts meant for the enforcement of law.


  • Executive branch-Chief of state.

  • Legislative-Bicameral National Assembly or Natsionalnoye Sobranie consists of the council of the Republic or Soviet Respubliki.

  • Judicial-Supreme court,Constitutional court.


  • Legislative:the parliament-Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

  • Executive-Executive power is exercised by the Government.

  • Judicial-The constitutional court.

Komi Republic

  • Legislative-Federal Assembly

  • Executive-Power Belongs to Government

  • Judicial-Power belongs to the system of courts

United States of America Woodsfield

  • Legislative

  • Judicial

  • Executive

Leaders in Belarus

  • Alexander Lukashenka – is the president.

  • Vladimir Savehenko – is the Regional Executive Chairman.

  • Sergey Vshkevich – District Executive Chairman.

Leaders of The United States

  • The President of the United States is George W Bush

  • The Governor of our State is Ted Srictland

  • The Mayor of our city is Bill Bolon

Leaders of Wichita Kansas

  • Carl Brewer – is the mayor of Wichita

  • Kathleen Seblius – is the governor of Wichita

  • George w Bush – is the President of United States.

Leaders of the Komi Republic Russia

  • Medvedev-is the President of the Komi Republic

  • Tortopov-is the head of Republic

  • Mamontov-is the Kortkerosski district leader

Leaders of Gubkin Russia

  • Vladimir Putin- is the President

  • Seregey Shoygu-is the minister of civil defense , emergency , natural disaster

  • Antoliy serdyukov- is the minister of defense

  • Tatyana Golikovin- is the minister of health and social development.

Leaders of Mexico

  • David Cheoravi-is Xalpas municipal president

  • Fida Beltran is Veracruz’s state Governor

  • Felipe Hinojosa-is the President of the republic

Wichita- You have to be 18

  • Wichita- You have to be 18

  • Belarus- 18 years old

  • Mexico- You have to be 18 years old

  • Komi Republic- A young person can take part in elections when he/she is 18

  • Ohio- In Ohio you have to be 18 years old to vote on government related activities.

  • Every country, or city asked said that you have to be 18 years, or

  • older to vote on government related activities

Citizens Participation in Government

  • At the age of 16, you can get your driving permit,but have to be accompanied by an adult.

  • When you turn 18,you get your driving license.

  • To get a driving license one should be 18 years old. He/she should pass special exams,when they check their knowledge of driving rules and their skills in driving.

  • You have to take a test to make sure you can be on the road.

  • You get a booklet to study for your written exam to get your permit at the age of 161/2.

  • To get your driving license, you have to be 17 and you have had to pass your driving test.

  • Wichita,Mexico,and the U.S

They have SRS food stamps and jobs training

  • They have SRS food stamps and jobs training

The most popular one is called opportunities (Opportunities)

  • The most popular one is called opportunities (Opportunities)

  • This is a Federal program for human development among the population in extreme poverty

  • Bringing support in education, health, nutrition, and income

In this program the following organisms participate in the public Education Secretariat Health Secretariat ,Social, Security

  • In this program the following organisms participate in the public Education Secretariat Health Secretariat ,Social, Security

  • Mexico Insitute ,Social Development Secretariat State and Municipal government

Our government helps by making sure that we are clean and that the kids get education

  • Our government helps by making sure that we are clean and that the kids get education

  • That we have good homes to live in and that kids are going to school

Some of Mexico’s rights

  • No slavery

  • Equality in rights without distinction

  • Freedom and legal safety

Some of Komi Republic’s rights

  • A right to education

  • A right to work

  • And a right to rest and leisure

Some of Ohio’s rights

  • Freedom of speech

  • Freedom of press

  • Freedom against cruel and unusual punishments

  • The right to bear arms

  • The right to a fair and speedy trail

Armed Services

  • By: Curtis, Marshall, Emily, Devin, and Johnny

Belarus symbols

  • Belarus: The symbol of Belarusian Ministry of Defense.

Belarus Symbols

  • The Coat of arms of the republic.

Komi Republic Symbols

  • These are some symbols of the armed forces in Komi Republic in Russia.

Mexico symbols

  • Mexico: The National Flag and the National Anthem.

US symbols

  • Our US Air Force Symbol is a registered trademark and is the exclusive property of the Department of the Air Force.

US symbols

  • The US Army symbol .It is called the Black trademark.

  • Vietnam War-(1956-1975) 1.4 Million were killed.

  • Independence War (1810-1821) , Revolution Wars(1910-1921)-They both lasted 10 years each .Theses are the most important wars in Mexico history.


  • The Great Patriotic War (1940-1945) Most terrifying war in Russian history.

Age and Training

  • In Komi Republic Russia a man is allowed to join the army at eighteen years old.Half of a year he studies in special courses according to the branch he joins.

  • In Novosibirsk Russia a man is allowed to join the army at eighteen years old for twelve months.

Age and Training

  • In the United States you are allowed to join your armed forces at a minimum of eighteen years old. Depending on what branch you are on in the armed forces, a half a year to three years.

Age and Training

  • In Belarus you are allowed to join at 18 years old.

Age and Training

  • In Mexico you can enter the army at 18,or 16with consent of your legal guardians. Training lasts two and a half years.

Counties where your soldiers are located

  • Mexico

    • Only Mexico
  • U.S

    • Almost every where. Examples Iraq, Germany, and Greenland.

Pictures of soldiers in uniform.

  • Belarus soldiers

Pictures of soldiers in uniform.

  • Komi Republic soldiers.

Pictures of soldiers in uniform.

  • U.S soldiers.

Branches of Armed Services

  • Mexico has a National Defense Secretariat, Mexican Army, Mexican Air Force, Republican Defense Front,Marine Secretariat, and a Mexican Navy.

  • Novisbirsk has combat arms, combat support arms, and combat service support arms.

Branches of Armed Services (cont.)

  • Belarus has a Army, Air Force and Air Defense Forces, Joint,and International Troops.

  • Komi Republic,Russia has an Air Force, Navy, Landing Forces, Land Forces, Frontier Troops, and Inner Troops.

  • U.S.A has the Army, Navy,Marines,and Air Forces.

By Josie,Taylor, Cordell, Hunter, and Willy

  • Flags

History of Flags

  • Belarus’ flag

  • What is the history of your flag?

  • Their current flag is a modification of the 1951 flag used while the country was a republic of the Soviet union.

History of Flags

  • Mexico’s flag

  • What is the history of your flag?

  • The idea of the flag was born after the war of independence. It was changed a little bit by Porfirio Diaz and the definite flag was institutionalized by ventustianocarranaza after the war of revolution on September 20,1916.

Who made the Flags

  • Belarus - Ms.Matron Markyevich

  • Mexico - Venustiano Carranza

  • Russia – Carel Allard

  • United States – No one knows for sure. Some people think either Francis Hopkinson or Betsy Ross.

Age of flags

  • How old is Mexico’s flag?

  • Mexico’s flag is 187 years old.


  • How old is Americas flag?

  • Americas flag is over 200 years old.


  • How old is the flag of Belarus?

  • The flag of Belarus is 13 years old because it was adopted on June 7,1995.


  • How old is Gubkins flag?

  • Gubkins flag is over 200 years old because it became official in 1896.

Komi Republic

  • How old is the flag of Komi Republic?

  • The flag of Komi Republic is 15 years old.

What the colors & symbols mean

  • (Russia): White represents God,blue the Tsar,and red represents the peasants.

  • (Belarus): Red represents army when they were fighting Nazi Germany,green stands for the bright future ahead of Belarus.

  • (Mexico):Green represents Independence,red represents Union among all Mexican, and white represents religion.

  • (U.S):Red represents for hardiness & valour. White represents for purity & innocence. Blue represents the color of the Chief.


  • By: Matt, Jordan, Taylor

The cost of Money

  • What is the value of your money compared to Us dollar.

  • What is the price of food and other items where you live. (like leaf of bead ,gallon of milk, hamburger at McDonalds ,pair of Nikes or other brand)

  • what is the currency called and denomination

  • do have ?

  • What symbols/ pictures are on you currency

The cost of Money

  • What is the value of your money compared to Us dollar.

  • What is the price of food and other items where you live. How many people like

  • McDonalds where you live.



  • To elect; Deputies,Munical, presidents, state governors and republic president, It plebiscites, in example is when the government let the people decide if a second story of the “periferico [peripheral Avenue was to be built.

All about elections

  • *Voting is a privilege that many people in other parts of the world can only dream about.

  • *Voting is the most basic participation. It can also have the most profound impact.


  • *An election is held to vote on who you want to be your president for you state.

  • *This election has already been held and their president is Alexander Lukashenko.

Political parties

  • Wichita

  • Democrats, and Republicans

  • Some of the 3rd parties.

Our parties

  • We have Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, Constitution, and The Green parties.


    • The Libertarian,and Green parties are our 3rd parties.

Political parties

  • Mexico



  • MEXICO has 3 main groups.

Political parties

  • Belarus

    • AP KPB BPR UCP BPF and PA.


  • Belarus, has the most political parties

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