Working Together Maximizing Youth & Adult Partnerships

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Working Together

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Commitment/reliability

  • Building trust with youth

  • Access – not enough young people

  • Communication

  • Less or limited ability (they’re not professionals)

  • Instilling passion

  • Hard to get young people to “own” projects

  • Schedules/availability/travel

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Who is the lead singer of the popular group, Destiny’s Child?

    • a. Pink
    • b. Beyonce’
    • c. Monica
    • d. Mya

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • These two celebs ran “Project Greenlight” in partnership with HBO:

      • Tom Green and Carson Daily
      • Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar
      • Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
      • Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Rock

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which of the following bands was not created in conjunction with a television show?

      • O-Town
      • Eden’s Crush
      • 2-gether
      • Dream

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • In which movie did Josh Hartnett get his first acting role?

        • The Faculty
        • Halloween H2O
        • Virgin Suicides
        • Pearl Harbor

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which hip-hop artist did Ashanti pair up with for her hit song Always on Time?

        • Jay Z
        • Ja Rule
        • P Diddy
        • Usher

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which of these popular actresses is a featured regular on the website Voxxy, where she talks to teens about things that matter to them?

      • Gwenyth Paltrow
      • Jennifer Love Hewitt
      • Jennifer Anniston
      • Kate Hudson

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which percentage correctly reflects those teens who obtain their spending money through full or part-time jobs?

      • 60%
      • 14%
      • 30%
      • 47%

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • On average, teens spend how many hours per week on the computer?

      • 17.6
      • 2.3
      • 11.0
      • 7.2

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which band was watching Jim and Nadia on-line in American Pie?

        • Bush
        • Linkin Park
        • Blink 182
        • Creed

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Which magazine do teens read most?

      • Sports Illustrated
      • Seventeen
      • Teen People
      • Rolling Stone

Test Your Teen Knowledge

  • Cribs is a show on MTV about:

      • Gang violence throughout the nation, hosted by a former gang member turned VJ
      • Fashion in urban areas, hosted by various top models with bandanas on their heads
      • Entertainers homes (no host)
      • The latest in new generation technology, hosted by various models with bandanas on their heads

Bonus Questions

  • The old get old

  • And the young get stronger

  • May take a week

  • And it may take longer

  • They got the guns

  • But we got the numbers

  • Gonna win, yeah

  • We’re takin’ over

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • They have never known…

  • A major war

  • A cold war

  • An Evil Empire

  • A cultural revolution / major movement

  • A recession

  • More than one Pope

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • Video games

  • CDs

  • Faxes

  • Walkmans

  • MTV

  • Cable

  • e-mail

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • Family life is different…

    • Less time spent with parents (down 1/3 since 1970)
    • Less supervision -- more independent
    • More scheduled lives
    • Less free time
    • More adult responsibilities
    • More adult concerns
    • 25% in single parent homes (13% in 1970)
    • 80% have working moms (30% in 1970)

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • More choices

  • More pressure to grow up faster

  • More violence

  • Less Insulation

  • Earlier onset of puberty

  • Media saturation

  • Sound-byte society

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • Generation Y – Defining Traits

    • Optimistic
    • Technology-driven
    • Achievement-oriented
    • Pragmatic
    • Resilient
    • Self-reliant
    • Embrace diversity
    • Socially aware

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • Teens more receptive to “taking care of themselves.”

  • Form own support systems… own sense of community

    • cliques
    • sports
    • after school jobs
    • Brands = identity
    • the web –

Understanding the Teen Audience

  • Brands are very important to teen culture. They associate themselves with brands based on:

  • Quality

  • “For people my age”

  • Unique

  • advertising

  • “cool” friends / peers use it

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Insight into the teen audience

  • Peer-to-peer is most effective way to communicate our message

  • Bring energy and enthusiasm

  • Can infiltrate youth culture

  • Programs are youth-focused

  • Mandated

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Allow youth to lead more

  • Trust them

  • Involve everyone – don’t rely on the same youth all the time

  • Make time to work with them – even if I’d do it better/faster myself

  • Be a mentor and a teacher

  • Make some organizational changes to empower them

  • Curb youth entitlement

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Be more reliable; keep their promises

  • Try harder

  • Understand our point of view

  • Accept our guidance and insight – don’t reject it

  • Care more

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Keys to overcoming challenges

    • Provide opportunities at many levels
    • Create accountability
    • Recognize and reward

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • As individuals we have different ways of defining who we are that we reinforce by seeking out opportunities

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • What opportunities does your or could your organization offer?

  • Examples of opportunities:

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Young people (and adults, too) are notorious for not following through on commitments

  • Creating a culture of accountability is critical to your success

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Keys to success

    • Assign projects/duties
    • Set clear deadlines
    • Remind them of their commitment
    • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Keys to success

    • Assigning projects/duties
      • Involve youth in the process
      • Whenever possible, have youth self-select responsibilities
        • Define roles, responsibilities, commitment
      • Ask them to identify their peers that may be able to help
      • Make assignments in a group (with them)
      • Don’t always rely on the same youth – spread the wealth
      • Assign tasks based on their individual skills
        • But be flexible, allowing them to try new things (provide opportunities for them take chances!)
      • Don’t be afraid to assign jobs to others if they don’t fulfill obligations (but tell them why)

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Keys to success

    • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up
      • Create a task list with them
      • Hold them to deadlines that are set together
      • Remind them of their commitment
      • Assign other staff/youth to follow-up, too!
      • Communicate on their terms
        • How do they want to be contacted?
        • Memos are NOT good
        • Remember, they hold strange hours (not 9-5)
        • IM and e-mail works really well
        • Don’t overload them with too many words

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Ultimately, your young people are volunteers

  • They are not involved for money

  • But, that doesn’t mean they don’t expect something in return

  • There is nothing wrong with offering something in return for their efforts

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • What do they want?

    • Recognition
      • Someone to listen to them
      • Someone to praise them
      • Someone to thank them
    • Reward
      • To learn new things and be involved in new ways
      • Experience (helps them in the future)
      • Personal reasons (family member died from tobacco)
      • To be “honored”

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Food – taking them to lunch

  • CDs

  • Software

  • Personal thank-you

  • Group thank-you

  • Thank you cards/personal note

  • Great “assignments”

  • Concert/sports event tickets

  • Gift certificates

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Re-cap

    • Youth involvement is critical to the success of your organization
    • We need your help, but you need our help, too!
    • Keeping youth active and providing a range of opportunities will do wonders for retention
    • Accountability is key to effectively involving young people
    • Recognize and reward youth – they deserve it, and need it
    • Involving youth is a commitment on everyone’s part

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Ten Commandments of Working with Youth

  • Don’t underestimate youth – they’re savvier than you think

  • Always encourage youth to offer input and make decisions

  • Talk with them – don’t preach

  • Listen to their ideas

  • Keep it simple

  • Work with them to assign roles – they’ll tell you what they can and cannot do

  • Be a good manager – help them understand what needs to get done and how to do it

  • Reinforce good ideas

  • Youth know youth – encourage a peer-to-peer approach – it really works

  • Get in touch with your inner teen

Youth & Adult Partnerships

  • Ten Commandments of Working with Adults

  • Be responsible for the work you promised to deliver

  • Be gentle with adults! They may be nervous working with teens

  • Be honest about the amount of time you can offer based on your other commitments

  • If you are uncomfortable with a project, let them know you need help

  • Remember, their jobs come with different levels of responsibility and pressure

  • Adults are looking for ideas from you – don’t be afraid to offer them!

  • Give adults feedback on their ideas, too – as a teen, you have great insight into other teens

  • Adults have lots of advice, experience, and help they can offer you – take advantage of it

  • Adults worry about you when they don’t hear from you - keep in touch!

  • They are responsible for you when you are away from home or school so please respect them and follow their rules

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