Worksheet 2 Group № Student: Exercise Modal verbs. Use the modal verbs can (could), may

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Group № ____________ Student: ________________________________
Exercise 1. Modal verbs. Use the modal verbs can (could), may (might) or must in the gaps (2.5 scores).

1. … you see anything in this inky darkness?

2. You … go when you have finished your essays.

3. What shall we do if the train is late? It … be late, you know, after the terrible snowstorm we’ve had.

4. You … come in when you have taken off your boots.

5. When … you come and see me? – Let me see: I … not come tomorrow, for I … be at the meeting.

Exercise 2. Prepositions. Insert the proper prepositions in the gaps if necessary. (2.5 scores).

1. We tried to speak … him, but he did not want to listen to us. He did not even look … us and did not answer … our questions.

2. Your brother complains … you. He says you always laugh … him, never speak … him and never answer … his questions.

3. When I entered … the room, everybody looked … me with surprise: they had not expected … me.

4. … the end … the street she turned … the corner, walked … the bus stop and began waiting … the bus.

5. I am sorry, I cannot speak … you now, the professor is waiting … me. I must go … the university and explain … him some details … our work. Come … the evening, I shall listen … you very attentively.

Exercise 3. Present and past tenses (Passive). Convert the following sentences into the passive voice (2.5 scores).

1. The doctor ordered me a month’s rest from studying.

2. In summer the boys often drive the horses to the fields.

3. Bessie’s father gave her a complete set of Walter Scott’s works.

4. Her daughters gave her three beautiful dishes as a birthday present.

5. We must send these letters at once.

Exercise 4. Write an essay on the topic of “Famous people of the world” (2.5 scores).
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