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Countries Got It Right. Washington, DC: World Bank.
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tal Standards: Emerging Issues and Policy Options before India.” Discussion 
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Other Developing Countries, New Delhi.
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Trade?” Policy Research Working Paper 3458, World Bank, Washington, DC.
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Success?” Policy Research Working Paper 3809, World Bank, Washington, DC.

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272 Quality Systems and Standards for a Competitive Edge
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Climate on Productivity Using Firm-Level Data: Methodology and the Cases 
of Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.” Policy Research Working Paper 
3621, World Bank, Washington, DC.
———. 2005b. “Investment Climate Assessment on Productivity and Wages: 
Analysis Based on Firm Level Data from Selected South East Asian Coun-
tries.” Finance, Private Sector, and Infrastructure Group, Latin American and 
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How U.S. Retailers Shape Overseas Production Networks.” In Commodity

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