World war II and uzbekistan

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The people of Uzbekistan made a huge contribution to the common victory over fascism. Prior to war 6,5 million people lived in Uzbekistan, of which more than 1 million 500 thousand – 22 percent of entire population were mobilized and went to battlefront, or 40-42 percent of able-bodied population of then Uzbekistan. 420 thousand lost their lives, and 640 thousand were injured.

Uzbekistan attained great results in adjusting the national economy for war conditions, mobilized labor and economic resources for the needs of the battle. For the time of war, more than 200 large industrial enterprises produced weapons and military equipment. Our people sent to battle front over 2 thousand planes, many other military hardware and supplies, hospital trains, enormous number of food supplies, uniforms and other necessary products.

Uzbekistan accepted about 1 million people, including 200 thousand children, who were deprived by war of their homes and families. 200 thousand orphaned children of different nationalities found their home in Uzbekistan, their second home and new parents. Local population made the huge support by adopting orphans. For instance, the family of Shoahmed Shomakhmudov adopted 14 children.
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