Writing task 1

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Introduction to IELTS Writing task 1 (2)
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Sequencing words

Prepositions: At the beginning of…/ At the end of…

Use the following conjunctions to make more complex sentences:

when/once/as soon as/immediately/whereas….

Eg: Once obtained, raw materials and manufactured components are stored for later assembly

The manufacturing stages involve the storage, assembly, inspection, packing to the sales methods whereas the research stages include market & product research, design and advertisement.

before + clause or gerund

Eg: Most consumer goods go through a series of stages before they emerge as finished products ready for sale.

after + clause or gerund

Eg: After the production planning is complete the assembly, inspection, testing and packaging stages are done sequentially.

where/from where/after which

Eg: Assembly first depends upon the production planning stage, where it is decided how and in what quantities the stored materials will be processed to create sufficient quantities of finished goods.

The diagram below explains the ways in which bricks are made for the construction purposes. Introduction

Overall, the brick-manufacturing process consists of seven stages, commencing with digging up of clay and culminating in delivery.
To begin, the clay utilized to make bricks is dug up from the ground by an excavator. The dug clay is then placed into a metal grid which is used to break up the clay into small pieces. A roller assists in this procedure. After the clay having been mixed with sand and water, this mixture is then turned into bricks by either using a wire cutter or placing it into a mould. Next, these bricks are put into the oven used to dry them within one or two days.

In the subsequent stage, bricks go through a cooling process. Firstly, they are cooled in average temperature ( from .............) and high tempertaure (................) in two or three days.

After that, the cooled bricks are packaged and delivered to their destinations by means of lorries.

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