Writing task 2

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Writing task 2

"It is sometimes claimed that "opposites attract " when it comes to friendship.

Write an essay in which you give your own opinion of this view taking into consideration personality and appearance."

It is argued that in today's world there are a lot of people which they have their own friends. This essay disagrees with that suggestion completely. This essay will first look at people pick friends with the same interests as them and then discuss how these situation can be true.

Firstly being agree with this statement is that in the world every person has their own friends more than two. That moment friends can help different situations from their closest friends life. Moreover to physical appearance if both people have similar tastes they are likely to appreciate similar clothes, hairstyles and other works which they want. A prime example is when they have bad situation or some difficulties their friends can help them easily.

Another argument to consider is that, nowadays psychologists agree with that opinion. Because of the fact that today's worlds young generations have problems with their pen friends, such as they have some disagreements among young people. On the other hand some people analysed combinations of people who became best friends and found that their relationships can be more closest friend from their life. For instance, people most likely to be chosen as a friend is someone who is extrovert, agreeable, emotionally stable and others.

To put in a nutshell I pen down saying that being friendship is very useful and beautiful thing people life. Because of the fact that people can discuss their problems with their friends rather than family members or relations.

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