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Лабораторная работа горовик, 2 Разработка мобильного приложения, 315-18 q.jamshid DUVP fanidan 1-amaliy ishi, 315-18 Q.Jamshid DTTL 3-TAJRIBA ISHI, 1. Reja. O’zbekistonning eng yangi tarixi o’quv fanining predme, BIO everest maxsus, Рухий статус (2) (2), Mavzu vijiner shifiri, xp5XMtk0EXWStzqZRWkM6fRGedYUfwfwrN9gSNlh, xp5XMtk0EXWStzqZRWkM6fRGedYUfwfwrN9gSNlh, xp5XMtk0EXWStzqZRWkM6fRGedYUfwfwrN9gSNlh, fxxWF4G4gbq4FyEixWtteRab4rgcj45iO92qAhfL, An’anaviy xonandalik., Bizning do\'stlar.

Full name: __________________________________________________
Group №: ______________ Date: _________________________


  1. Match each medical term with one of the patient's statements.

  1. haemorrhoids

  2. Amenhorroea

  3. reflux oesophagitis and heartburn

  4. morning sickness

  5. Constipation

  6. prurigoo fpregnancy (PEP)

  7. urinary frequency

  1. I haven't had a period for three months now.

  2. I've been feeling sick in the morning. I keep throwing up, especially in the morning, and it's worrying me.

  3. I haven't been for two days and it's the second time it’s happened

  4. I think I've got piles.

  5. I've come out in this rash on my tummy and arms. My mum says it will go when the baby's born, but I don't know

  6. I've been bringing up this horrible taste from my stomach

  7. I keep going to the toilet and passing water.

  1. Write an Essay: My favorite profession

Full name: __________________________________________________
Group №: ______________ Date: _________________________


  1. Underline the correct modal verb in these sentences.

  1. Are you saying that giving up smoking should/can/must improve our chances of having a baby?

  2. May/must/can the epileptic drugs. I`m taking affect the baby if I get pregnant?

  3. You think it must/needs to be to do with my blood pressure?

  4. Do we have to/ought to/need to give up smoking and drinking then if we want to try for a baby?

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