You can even import directly from external image and video devices such as a Digital Camera or dv

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You can even import directly from external image and video devices such as a Digital Camera or DV 

Camcorder. This means you can choose the images that you want from those devices and download 

just them. If you're like most, you can end up with hundreds of digital images after just a day out with 

your digital camera.  


This makes management a difficult task for most but not for Mr. Photo Platinum, which is equipped 

with an open architecture environment to allow you to view images, videos and listen to sound in any 

directory on any storage device.  


Mr. Photo Platinum does more that just keep your digital images in order it imports images, video and 

even sound files. Then with built-in creativity functions you can make your files into something to share 

with family and friends. To do that Mr. Photo Platinum even comes with a built-in DVD/VCD authoring 

tool called Presto! DVD Composer.  

If you feel creative, but don't feel that you are a very creative person you can make the most of the 

creativity functions that will turn you photos into slideshows, birthday or Christmas cards and even a 



If you are serious about taking pictures and making the most of your digital 

photo and video equipment, Presto! Mr. Photo Platinum is the only solution 

that you need. With the 

6-in-one memory card reader

 that now comes 

with Mr. Photo you can very quickly access your memory cards as if they 

were another hard drive - saving time and the need to turn your camera on. 












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Version Comparison






› Presto! Mr. Photo v. 3.6


› Presto! DVD Composer v. 1.4



Presto! PixExpress (for PDA)


› Presto! ImageFolio v. 4.2





› 6-in-one Flash Memory Card 







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