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  • Britannica has over 124,000 encyclopedia articles PLUS:
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    • Recommended web sites
    • Current magazine & journal articles
    • World atlas, dictionary, thesaurus
  • And many other special features:
    • New Workspace feature to save your research
    • World Data for studying and comparing countries
    • Web 2.0 linking & sharing features
    • Advanced Search feature
  • Welcome to the NEW Britannica Online Academic Edition!
  • Includes a diverse selection of tools for research.
  • Searching in Britannica Online is fast and easy.
  • Explore in-depth articles with authoritative information.
  • Britannica has automatic citations in MLA and APA formats.
  • The Quick-Click Dictionary finds definitions instantly!
  • Choose from thousands of video and media clips.
  • Britannica’s media includes colorful maps and photos.
  • Britannica recommended web sites help expand your search.
  • Britannica includes over 700 current magazine and journals.
  • Customize your queries with Advanced Search.
  • Quick access to thousands of Merriam-Webster definitions & synonyms.
  • Save your research by clicking the SAVE button.
  • Read about culture, politics, and news from years past.
  • Britannica World Atlas features hundreds of different maps.
  • The Atlas features maps of continents, countries, & oceans.
  • Explore quotations on topics from Achievement to Zeal.
  • Select classic essays by choosing the subject or writer.
  • Use World Data Analyst to learn about other countries.
  • Choose the countries you want to compare and contrast…
  • …then choose the statistics and format you want.
  • Create tables and reports comparing various countries.
  • Generate colorful charts and export them to Excel.
  • Britannica Blog features an open discussion on current topics and issues.
  • Readers can offer input on articles by clicking “Comments or Suggestions.”
  • Try the new linking and sharing features.
  • Online webinars and training help librarians stay up to date.
  • Britannica is used over 3 million times every day!
  • Over 75 million users at colleges, universities, libraries, and schools across the U.S.
  • Includes major institutions such as Harvard University, Princeton University, University of Chicago, University of Texas, Ohio State University, New York Public Library, San Francisco Library
  • Statewide networks in Georgia,
  • Arkansas, North Carolina, Hawaii,
  • Maine, Wyoming, Texas,
  • and Alabama
  • Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Compton’s Encyclopedia
  • Britannica Illustrated Science Library
  • Gran Enciclopedia Planeta
  • Great Books of the Western World
  • Merriam-Webster’s Dictionaries & Thesauri
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Download 5.43 Mb.

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