Your included meal guide: b = Breakfast, L = Lunch, d = Dinner day 1

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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the magical isle of Sicily has been fought over and coveted for millennia by the Phoenicians, Greek, 

Romans, Arabs, Normans and Byzantines, all of whom bequeathed to the island’s splendid examples of their civilisation which can still be 

seen today. Our comprehensive tour introduces you to Sicily’s highlights including stunning nature reserves, beautifully-preserved Greek  

Temples and peaceful towns.

    This document aims to give you all the information that you require for a 

smooth and comfortable trip to Sicily. Please take the time to read this dossier 

to familiarise yourself with all the aspects of our tour. It includes important 

information such as airline and hotel details and visa requirements.  

Your included meal guide:



 = Breakfast, 


 = Lunch,



 = Dinner  


DAY 1:


UK to Catania 



Depart London on your scheduled flight to Catania, you will be met by a  

local guide and transferred to your hotel for a welcome dinner.  


DAY 2:





Following breakfast the day will begin with a visit to the quaint hilltop town of 

Taormina to visit Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the medieval Palazzo Corvaja.  

One of Taormina’s highlights is a visit to the magnificent Teatro Greco,  

a 3


 century BC amphitheatre whose incredible acoustics mean that even  

a stage-whisper can be heard in the back row. Your afternoon is at leisure. 


DAY 3:


Catania to Cefalù



Transfer to the charming city of Cefalù. Once you have checked into your hotel, 

the rest of the day is at leisure. 


DAY 4:




Depart on a fascinating half day tour of the historical centre of this quaint little 

city, with the outstanding highlight being Cefalù’s cathedral. Dating back to 

1131, this Norman style Roman Catholic church houses stunning examples of 

Byzantine mosaics. The rest of the day is at leisure for you to explore for of this 

captivating city. 


DAY 5:


Cefalù to San Vito Lo Capo 


Depart Cefalù and travel to San Vito Lo Capo. Stop en route for a city tour of 

Monreale and its cathedral, famed for its glorious mosaics and two striking 

Romaneque bronze doors, of which just a handful remain throughout Europe. 

Perched on the hilltop of this pretty town, those who have the energy to climb the 

steps to the roof will appreciate a beautiful panoramic view of Palermo and the 

surrounding countryside stretching to the sea.

DAY 6:


San Vito Lo Capo



This morning, depart for the Reserva dello Zingaro, a natural reserve that 

stretches along 7km of unspoilt coastline off of the Gulf of Castellammare.  

As well as beautiful beaches, the reserve is awash with endemic flora and fauna. 

Encounter rabbits, weasels, hedgehogs and a plethora of birds including the 

elegant Bonelli Eagle. 

DAY 7:


San Vito Lo Capo to Agrigento



En route to Agrigento stop off at the hill top town of Erice. Located on the top 

of Mount Erice, this quaint settlement provides impressive views over Trapani, 

Marsala and the Aegadian Islands. Take in the grandeur of the striking Norman 

style castle, known as Venus Castle. This impressive stronghold looks as though 

it has been carved out of the very rock it sits atop. Enjoy some free time for lunch 

or shopping before departing for your hotel. 


DAY 8:


Agrigento to the UK or extension


Depart in the morning for a guided walking tour of the incredible Greek remains 

in the Valley of the Temples. There will be some free time for lunch before an 

absorbing tour on foot of the historical old town including Via Atenea, a delightful 

strip lined with trattorias, boutiques and palazzos concealed within the winding 

streets. Depart in the afternoon for your flight back to the UK, or continue on to 

your extension.







  Hotel information

 Catania (2 nights): 4H Villa Esperia   

  Via Nazionale, 244, 98039 Taormina ME, Italy  

  Contact number: 0039 0942 23377 

  Cefalù (2 nights): 4H Alberi del Paradiso  

  Via dei Mulini, 18-20, 90015 Cefalù PA, Italy  

  Contact number: 0039 0921 423900

   San Vito Lo Capo (2 nights): 4H Villa Zina Park Hotel  

  Via Viterbo, 20, 91015 Custonaci TP, Italy  

  Contact number: 0039 0923 973937

  Agrigento (1 night): 4H Grand Hotel Mose  

  Viale Leonardo Sciascia, 92100 Villaggio Mosè AG, Italy  

  Contact number: 0039 0922 608388



Valley of  

the Temples















Number of nights


San Vito Lo Capo




A visa is not required for your trip to Sicily. Further advice should be sought from 

the applicable tourist authority for other nationalities and for general queries. We 

strongly advise you check your destinations’ Tourist Board or Embassy for the 

most up-to-date guidelines regarding passport validity.  


We strongly recommend that you and all members of your party are suitably 

insured as soon as you book your holiday. It is a condition of booking that you 

must have suitable travel insurance. It is important that you purchase travel

insurance that suitably covers your participation in whatever activities you may 

undertake at the time that you make your booking. To assist you with this, we 

have arranged travel insurance in partnership with Holiday Extras. To arrange your

travel insurance with Holiday Extras, please call 0800 781 4237 and quote 

WK830’ for preferential rates. Please ensure you provide us with the name of 

your insurer, policy number and their 24 hour emergency contact number as 

soon as possible. Sunspot will not be liable for any costs incurred by you due to 

your failure to take out suitable travel insurance from the date of booking. 

Tour Guides

This is an escorted tour, meaning the you will have the services of an English 

speaking guide during each excursion ensuring that you have first-hand 

knowledge at all times.  


Tipping is at your discretion, however we would recommend approximately  

€3 per person per day. Tips are accepted in the local currency, however it is 

asked that if you do not tip in the local currency that you only pay with notes

as coins cannot be exchanged.


Health and Vaccinations

It is your responsibility to check any health and vaccination requirements 

applicable to your booked arrangements. We can only provide general

information about this. Health and hygiene facilities and disease risks vary from 

country to country. You should take health advice about your own needs as

early as possible and in good time before your departure. Sources of information 


your General Practitioner or a specialist clinic. 

Physical Accessibility

This tour is accessible to most people with an average level of fitness and normal 

mobility. It involves moderate days of walking on uneven paths and small hills, 

and getting on and off coaches. This tour is not suitable for anyone with walking 


Group Size

The minimum number of passengers on your tour will be 20, and the maximum 

number of passengers will be 35. If in the unlikely event your tour does not reach 

the minimum passenger numbers then you may be asked to change to a different 

date. A full refund will be made available to you should this alternative not be 


Currency Exchange

The currency in Sicily is the Euro (€). We recommend that you exchange you 

currency before you leave the UK, however cash machines are available in all the 

major cities to withdraw money in the local currency.  

Itinerary Changes

The order of events and sightseeing may vary according to local conditions or for 

operational purposes. For this reason, we have indicated approximate times only. 

Your local guide will inform you of any schedule changes as they are informed 

of them. Some road construction and/or weather conditions may lengthen the 

driving times or sailing conditions. Our intention is to adhere to the day-to-day 

itinerary as printed; however order of events and sightseeing may vary according 

to the local conditions.  

Personal Expenses

You will need to take some extra money with you to cover any lunch or dinners 

where these are not mentioned on your itinerary and personal purchases, such as 

souvenirs, extra drinks and snacks. Approximately £200-£300 per person should 

be sufficient for the duration of your tour. Please also bear in mind that there will 

be several shopping opportunities throughout your tour.  

Credit Card Information

As normal practice you may be asked for your credit card details on check-in 

at the hotel in order to cover any extras incurred during your stay.  If you do not 

have a credit card you may be asked for a cash deposit. American Express, 

Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in hotels.   


On your arrival into Sicily you will be met by a representative from our local  

agent, holding a sign displaying: “Sunspot”.  The Sunspot representative will 

show you to your transfer vehicle. Your guide will be able to answer any queries 

you may have, however if you need to contact Little Italy Tours during your stay 

the details are:

Little Italy Tours

P.iva 02305120590, P.zza Municipio, 9 Terracina Italy

Telephone Number: 0035 0773700062

Emergency contact information

Please find below the emergency contact details for Little Italy Tours

Mr Cristian Amuro Mobile: 0035 3382973972


All accommodation is 4H and features an en suite bathroom, air-conditioning, 

satellite TV and a hairdryer. Sunspot has visited and inspected all of the hotels to 

ensure that they meet the high standards of service which we require for our  

clients. If the hotels detailed are not available alternatives will be used of  

a similar standard.  

Please note: the hotels listed are provided for guidance only and final

confirmation of your accommodation will be sent in a document, along 

with your final flight information, approximately 10 days before you travel.



Breakfast daily and dinner where applicable will be served at the hotel.  

Any dietary requirements and dislikes should be made known to our reservations  

staff at the time of booking.





Your initial flight is to 

Catania-Fontanarossa Airport 


British Airways (BA),

 departing from 

London Gatwick, North Terminal.


Airport Extras

If you wish to arrange Airport car parking, lounges or accommodation at  

preferential rates, we recommend you book this in advance with Holiday Extra

Tel. 0871 360 2000, quoting HX313.

Baggage Allowance

Each passenger is entitled to 23KG of hold luggage plus 1 item of hand luggage 

not exceeding in size and 1 personal item such as a handbag, briefcase or laptop 

case. Weight restrictions will be finalized on E-ticket receipt. Should you wish to 

take additional luggage you will need to pay extra at check – in. Check-In should 

be at least 3 hours before departure.

IMPORTANT: Please note that final flight details will be confirmed on your e-ticket and final documentation which will be sent to 

you approximately 10 days before departure.

Weather can vary quite considerably throughout the year, so please familiarise yourself with the climate charts below.


•  Insect repellent

•  Suncream and a hat with a big brim for sunny days

•  Comfortable walking shoes such as trainers

• Sunglasses

•  Towel, swimsuit and plastic bags

•  Ruck sack or light bag per person

•  Light rain coat 

•  Personal toiletries and first aid kit containing travel pills, rehydration powder,  

  plasters, stomach settlers, antiseptic creams, aspirin etc 

•  Travel plug adapter – the electricity supply is 220V-240V. You will need a two  

  pin round plug adapter in Italy.




This document aims to give you all the information which you will require  

during your extension to Taormina. 


Your stay will take place at either the 3H Hotel Kalos or 4H Caesar Palace 

Hotel on Bed & Breakfast. 


Hotel information


3H Hotel Kalos - This elegant three star property is situated upon GIardini 

Naxos’s stunning coastline, with panoramic vistas of the Bay of Naxos, Mount 

Etna and Taormina town. For days not explore local treasures or lounging upon 

the coastline, the Giardini Naxos provides a bar, outdoor swimming pool, a 

serene garden space and terrace for enjoying the year-round Mediterranean 

sunshine. Hotel Information: Via Calcide Eubea, 29, 98035 Giardini Naxos ME, 

Italy. Contact number: 0039 0942 52116


4H Hotel Caesar Palace  - The ivy-clad Caesar Palace boasts a fantastic 

location just a short distance from Ancient Naxos’ archaeological park and 

Giardini Naxos’ seafront, with the added bonus of a free shuttle bus provided by

the hotel linking the property with the town of Taormina. The hotel itself provides 

a comprehensive entertainment schedule (between June–September), alongside 

a restaurant and two outdoor swimming pools. 

Hotel Information: Via Consolare, 98035 Giardini Naxos ME, Italy 

Contact number: 0039 0942 5590


Any alternative hotels or board basis will have been confirmed at booking. 

Please speak to our reservations department if you are unsure.

Tour Guides

Your stay in Taormina is not escorted by a tour guide. All internal transfers 

are included. 

Personal Expenses

You will need to take some extra money with you to cover any lunches or dinners 

where these are not mentioned on your itinerary and personal purchases, such 

as souvenirs, extra drinks and snacks.

Please note

This extension takes place after your main tour.  

Hotel Caesar Palace, Taormina


Your three night extension will be in the quaint beach resort of Giardini Naxos, a resort of Taormina. Whether you lounge upon the beachfront, 

sample authentic dishes within a pizzeria, admire 15th century paintings in Chiesa di Santa Maria Raccomandata or venture into Taormina’s 

nearby hilltop town for a spot of boutique shopping, this extension is the perfect way to end your Sicilian adventure. 



Weather can vary quite considerably throughout the year, so please familiarise yourself with the climate charts below.




Please note: Final hotel and flight details will be confirmed on your e-ticket and final documentation which will be sent to you approximately 10 days before departure.

If you have not yet booked this fabulous extension, there is still time to do so, please contact your travel agent


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