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Dear Mr. Brown

I am writing to inform you that the phone I have recently bought in your store suddenly stopped working appropriately.

My name is Malika D., I have been your regular customer for five years and bought most of my gadgets from your store. Devices I bought earlier had not any technical problems, so this was a cause why I bought my sequent item in your shop.

Phone I bought recently is one of the newest models of Samsung brand. Naturally, I did not expect to face problems like fast battery low and app glitches. I suggest, it must be a second-hand one.

After that I returned the mobile phone in your store to be replaced with a new one. One of your sales staff told me that they will send it to my home address during three weekdays. However, a week has passed without me receiving any replacement. I am very upset for your poor service.

I hope that you can soon arrange a staff member to contact me and send a new one. Otherwise, I will be well within my right to request for a complete refund.

Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

Malika D.
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