Zimbabwe From Cecil Rhodes to

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Cecil Rhodes


  • Modern day Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be Rhodesia

Rhodesia (cont.)

  • 1965 – Southern Rhodesia declares independence from Britain

  • White ruled government calls itself Rhodesia

  • 1980 – End of white rule, 1st black government

Robert Mugabe

White Farms

Per Capita Income

Human Development Index (HDI)

Morgan Tsvangirai

  • Leader of the opposition MDC Party (Movement for Democratic Change)

  • Won the 2002 election

    • But declared the loser by Mugabe
  • Won the 2008 election

    • See next slide

Power Sharing

  • Mugabe still clings to Power

  • Brokered a power sharing agreement

    • Mugabe stays President
    • Tsvngirai becomes Prime Minister
  • Will it work???

    • Sort of …

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