0-sinf Ingliz tili Paul dinner when Jane called him. A was having b has C

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10-sinf monitor test

10-sinf Ingliz tili
1 Paul_____ dinner when Jane called him.
A was having B has
C is having D had
2. What ______at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon?
A you were doing B you did
C were you doing D did you do
3. ______take things from people’s houses.
A Burglars B Hackers
C Vandals D Pickpockets
4. My brother enjoyed______ at the football match.
A himself B myself
C herself D yourself
5. My cousins and I _____often see at the
A themselves B yourselves
C each other D ourselves
6. Tom______ when I told him the funny story.
A laughs B was laughing
C is laughing D laughed
7. It’s difficult to drive in the city centre during the_____
A jam B rush
C busy D traffic
8. You _____make a noise because the baby is
A have to B mustn’t
C don’t have to D must
9 I _____get up early during the holidays.
A haven’t to B shouldn’t
C don’t have to D mustn’t
10 There will be a security____ before people get
on the plane.
A control B gate
C check D desk
11. Did the shop assistant give you a_____________ when you bought the blouse?( price/charge/receipt)
12 Muriel has to ___________to buy a new car.
13 How much does this umbrella_________ ?( pay /cost/need)
14 Jonas is not at home, he__________to the shops to
get some milk.
15.He’s worked here_________ three years.
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