1. Choose the answer which correctly completes the sentence

It is clear in the passage that …

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27. It is clear in the passage that …

A) in no part of the world can rubbish be cycled

B) there is no way to make use of rubbish

C) rubbish is used for making roads in America

D) some countries make use of rubbish in

various ways.

Read the text answer the questions 28 – 30

With some practice and self-awareness you can

catch yourself unconsciously holding your

breath. The reason for the breath holding is to

minimize pain, whether real or imagined. For

example, when the dentist's drill bites into your

tooth you almost instinctively hold your breath.

Or, if you witness an accident or see a fight,

you will very likely find yourself holding your

breath. With self-observation you might find

that you add to your own tension by holding

your breath while driving, taking tests, arguing,

or simply talking to someone you fear.

28. It is pointed out that in some situations

we …

A) hold our breath unconsciously

B) breathe more frequently.

C) become unconscious

D) start dreaming

29. The reason why we hold our breath is …

A) to dream better

B) to watch the fight better

C) to avoid feeling pain.

D) driving fast

30. In some cases, breath holding …

A) helps us to overcome tension

B) make cause death

C) helps us drive more carefully

D) increases nervous strain

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