2. Expand the acronym alu a. Arithmetic Ligic Unit B. Arithmetic Log Unit C. Arithmetic Logic Unit D. Aluminate Logic Unit 3

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Questions and Answers

  • 1. A computer system may be categorised as a:

    • A. General purpose or special purpose

    • B. Embedded computers

    • C. Game consoles and server

    • D. Super computers and main frames

  • 2. Expand the acronym ALU

    • A. Arithmetic Ligic Unit B. Arithmetic Log Unit

    • C. Arithmetic Logic Unit D. Aluminate Logic Unit

  • 3. Main memory is also known as:

    • A. Immediate access storage B. Secondary Storage

    • C. PROM D. RAM

  • 4. Which of the following best suits the statement below? It's the main memory of the computer system and is volatile.

    • A. RAM B. ROM

    • C. PROM D. Primary storage

  • 5. An _______ attempt to gain access to information about a company's plans, products, clients, or trade secrets.

    • A. Computer fraud B. Identity theft

    • C. Credit card fraud D. Industrial espionage

  • 6. All of the following are processing modes except:

    • A. Batch processing B. Time-sharing

    • C. Process D. Online

  • 7. What are types of user interface?

    • A. Menu driven, command driven, graphical user interface

    • B. File management, memory management, device management

    • C. General purpose, customised , integrated

    • D. System application, software application, system software

  • 8. What does SATA stands for?

    • A. Serial Advanced Technology Attachments

    • B. Small Advanced Technology Attachments

    • C. Serial Advanced Technical Attachments

    • D. Small Advanced Technical Attachments

  • 9. All are secondary storage media except:

    • A. Floppy diskette

    • B. Compact disk

    • C. Magnetic hard disk

    • D. Flash memory cards and Fkash drives

10. This primary storage stores data and programs that cannot be changed and is non-volatile.

    • A. E-EPRM B. PROM

    • C. ROM D. RAM

11. Insert a ___ to illustrate and compare data.

(A) Hyperlink
(B) Footer
(C) Header
(D) Chart
12.____ refers to back the object to one level or to all objects.
(A) Align (B) Rotate (C) Bring to front (D) Send to back

13. A memory bus is mainly used for communication between

(A) Processor and I/O devices (B) Processor and memory
(C) Input devices and output devices (D) I/O devices and SMPS
14.___ lines to drop for drop for drop cap.
(A) 2 (B) 3
(C) 4 (D) 5
15.____ refers to a title for a part of a document.
(A) Leader characters (B) Indent
(C) Header (D) Heading
16.In word, you can use styles to
(A) format documents (B) delete text in documents
(C) save changes to documents (D) makes copies of documents
17. Change the case of letters by
(A) Alt + F3 (B) Ctrl + F3
(C) Shift + F3 (D) Tab + F3
17.Which of the following are valid minimum and maximum zoom sizes in MS Word?
(A) 0, 100 (B) 0, 1000
(C) 10, 500 (D) 10, 100
18.What is the ghosted text or picture behind the content on the page?
(A) Clipart (B) Watermark
(C) WordArt (D) All of these
19. The key F12 opens a
(A) Close dialog box (B) Save dialog box
(C) Open dialog box (D) SavaAs dialog box
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