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6 Essential Tips on How to Get into an Ivy League School

6 Essential Tips on How to Get into an Ivy League
When it comes to higher education, Ivy League universities are known for their high
academic and social prestige. Many students want to know how to get into an Ivy League
school in hopes of joining a highly selective university and well-known institution.
Aside from offering the best facilities, this group of elite universities is directly connected
to leaders of different social sectors. Ivy League alumni mostly pursue careers as leaders
in entertainment, business, politics, and other major industries.
Due to this trend, ambitious students coming from high schools across the globe believe
attending an Ivy League school can increase their chances of success in life.
Unfortunately, the application process to join these elite universities is so rigorous that
only a select few make the cut to experience Ivy League education.
There are eight Ivy League schools:
Ivy League Acceptance Rate
According to the admissions statistics acceptance rate, a total of 281,060 students
applied for the class of 2021, and out of all of them, below 10% got offers for Ivy League
admission. Harvard, Princeton, and Yale University have always been the big three of the
Ivy League institution. Back in 2020, Columbia University joined the big three which made
the top half of most selective Ivy League institutions, with an overall admission rate that
ranges below 7%.
The lowest acceptance rate among the Ivies was recorded by Harvard which is the top in
the Ivy League rankings, with only 5% followed by Princeton (5.6%), Columbia University
(6.3%), Yale University (6.6%), Brown (6.9%), Penn (9.0%), and Dartmouth with the
highest admission rate of 9.2%.

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