Abdulla Aripov. Poems & My First Love & Other Books

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Abdulla Aripov

Abdulla Aripov. Poems & My First Love & Other Books
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We present the poems of the famous and respected poet Abdulla Aripov, recorded on Uzbek radio and on the Yoshlar TV channel, as well as his favorite collection of poems, including his first collection, "My First Love."
Abdulla ORIPOV
Abdulla Aripov (21.03. 1941 - 05.11.2016) Born in the village of Nekuz of Kasan district of Kashkadarya region. People's poet of Uzbekistan (1990). The Hero of Uzbekistan (1998). He graduated from the Tashkent State University, Department of Journalism (1963). The first collection of poems is "Dwarf Star" (1965). "In the Way of My Eyes" (1966), "Onajon" (1969), "Spirit", "Uzbekistan" (1971), "Memory", "Wind of My Country" (1974), "Face to Face", "Amazing" (1979) , "Fortress of Salvation" (1981), "Dream of the Year" (1983), "Hajj Dad", "Munojot" (1992), "Selection" (1996), "The World" (1999), "The Heart of the Poet" (2003) , 4 volumes of "Selected Works" and other poems were published. He has also written poems (The Road to Paradise, 1978; Sahibkiran 1996). The poetic drama "Amir Temur" (1998) is staged in all major theaters of the Republic. Dante's Divine Comedy, by A. N. Nekrasov, L. Ukrainka, T. Shevchenko, R. Khamzatov, Q. He translated his works into Uzbek. He wrote the text of the National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan (1992). Khamza (1983) and Alisher Navoi (1992) State Prize laureate.
A thousand times over, but never mind
Sometimes I feel bored.
Youth is a stigma, not realizing it
I saluted the great devils.
I am amazed at the speed of the time
And I'm laughing at it all.
Now I am older and welcome
Greetings to little devils.
A rich young man who has dreamed
He built a house and spent a lot of money.
They guarded the house, but the lame dog,
He has scabies and one eye.
Did you build this building, Adam?
Find it, and a worthy dog.
Miss you,
You miss so much,
In both cases, no action.
You were like a river, you paled like a lake,
Only your soul is left with you.
Alas, there is something to miss,
Then being forgotten is all in vain.
The longing for the missing person
It is not easy to miss.
For some reason a child or a patient,
As if he had done something wrong.
Have you ever raised your voice?
They are perplexed.
No, they are not the grains of sin,
Tolerance and perseverance in the hearts of men.
Only their eyes are full of love,
What they expect is compassion and salvation.
There was a scoundrel,
Extremely selfish, cynical.
The only dishonest thing to do,
The neighborhood was hateful.
Last day three or four people
The adverb gave the adabin.
He has been juggling for a long time,
Couldn't say, but for some reason.
Someone said: - Falon is on the street
There is a man who lives there.
Maybe your soul is bloody,
No matter how silent you may be.
There are many simple things in this world,
It has happened in the past too.
One says: - You have power,
How much do you give?
Another says: - Your mind is really,
You are right.
Dear brother, twenty-one from me,
How much did you pay for it?
I say, no, their price,
They are life, they are necessity.
But there is a little explanation:
Free is the ignorance only.
Total animals for thousands of years,
Wolves, wolves, lions, lions.
They had been living in crowds,
They were hunting and eating together.
The raid of the mob is terrifying,
A bunch of people knocking down the mammoth.
If you do it,
Floods of irreplaceable streams.
The evil, the cruelty,
Intense, though snowy.
Not to mention the heredity,
Everything is still there.
I will hide my sense of humor,
When I see the crowd, I get scared.
Lightning tree,
Wounded in wounds,
Hit the rock
A fallen eagle.
If there is a body
Light of life,
God, you are them
Forget the circle.
By giving the evil power
Using the tyrant
Probably the Devil
To the helpless and helpless
Sending support
To the Lord who created
I couldn't be whole,
I'm half dead,
But I felt it completely
Let live.
My Good Friends -
Take a lesson,
May God use it.
A man who has a cold heart
It looks like a sickly helmet.
And the crookedness of the man,
Don't throw a barley into a barley.
To him, two worlds are one,
There is no distinction between the tabernacle and the tower.
He is always sympathetic,
There is no particle of interest in races.
E S L A Sh
Riding on a horse with my father
It is a time when we have gone over the bookshelf.
It was bare low;
A step away from the ravine is a crash.
How did we survive that path?
I still feel bored.
It was night, looking from town to village,
We were coming down the hill with my older brother.
Four wolves surround us;
Four horsemen were suddenly seen on the horizon.
We survived because of them,
I still feel bored.
I have traveled the earth.
I went back one day aboard the ship.
I knew then what the sea was
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