Carl Zeiss Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

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Carl Zeiss Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility

ZEISS is an international leader in optics and opto-electronics. Medical Technology is its largest business

ZEISS is Built on Strong Values, combining entrepreneurial spirit and social responsibility

Our Approach from the Beginning Pioneering Medicine through Partnerships

ZEISS assumes social responsibility and contributes to developing global healthcare systems

Being close to emerging countries allows ZEISS to understand market requirements and develop specific products

ZEISS helps to establish IAPB Ophthalmic Training Center

Partnership of ZEISS and IAPB:

ZEISS´ global presence is used to support the VISION 2020 initiative

“By 2020, the primary causes of preventable blindness will be eliminated to ensure that everyone around the world receives a right to sight

    • ZEISS was the first corporate sponsor of the VISION 2020 initiative

Corporate partnerships with NGOs provide mutual benefits ZEISS and Christoffel Blindenmission have been collaborating for long

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